Due to work-related reasons, I have decided to close off agave's license. It's totally not ideal, but I'm afraid it can't be helped. Please visit the font's new homepage at baikal.io/agaric/agave.

After switching to a closed license, I want to express my sincere apologies to those who tried out, want to try, or are currently using agave. Please do use and share agave in its current state, but if you want updates or direct support, I urge you to visit its new landing at baikal, where my support and updates are available.


agave is a fixed-width outline font, designed by type agaric, that is primarily aimed at freetype/X environments.

Free to use, peruse, and diffuse. Everything (font files, glyph designs, glyph databases, and documentation) is released under the MIT X license. (Please see the notice above.)

For more details, visit the font's homepage.

status (rev. 008)

  • regular:

    • done: ascii; latin ext; greek; cyrillic; ipa; arrows; box; some others
    • todo: more glyphs here and there
  • bold: yet to be designed

  • italic: yet to be designed


On the downloads page you will find: (All distribution will be done at baikal.)


In each form of distribution, the actual font files are named agave-?.ttf,
where ? stands for r, b, i, or z, representing the regular, bold, italic, and bold+italic variants respectively.


Feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome and encouraged.

Please contact type agaric by email.


... foremost to the people behind FontForge and Inkscape, as I relied on the two programs to design, draw, and generate agave,

and to Bitbucket for hosting this repo.