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Issue #10 wontfix
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Hi, I'm printing a list of data within an HTML table. The eei_tcpdf converter converts part of the list (about 8 pages full), but then it stops. When I view the same template with the eei_tcpdf plug-in disabled, the entire list is printed. Could there be some character types within the entries breaking the pdf converter? Thank you!

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  1. Massimiliano Lombardi repo owner

    Hi, first of all please enable the EE log_threshold = 4 to have a full log record, probably you'll find in the log file the reason of this behavior ...

    You can also upgrade the PHP value related to max_execution_time and memory_limit to see if at least the pdf page is print out. I don't know if it's character type related issue, but some try could help you to find the cause (for example try to reduce the html/table to convert, etc.)

    Let me know about any progress.

    ps. please confirm that you're using the latest plugin and TCPDF lib. version

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