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EEI_Tcpdf for ExpressionEngine 2.*

Quickly create PDF page from your template simple using HTML markup. EEI_Tcpdf is a simple "wrapper" of TCPDF library of Nicola Asuni ( which easily publishes pdf file from templates of ExpressionEngine. It uses a very few original functionalities of TCPDF in the aim to satisfy small & medium requirements, should you look for more options please refer to the TCPDF library.


      <!-- this simple template file is converting to PDF format -->
      <h1>hello world</h1>
      <p>This is <b>Awesome!</b>(or not?)</p>
      <img src="" />
        title="This is the title" 
        author="Massimiliano Lombardi" 
        subject="Hi Man" 
        keywords="Some Words"}
      {!-- this tag can be placed every where in template file --}
      {!-- use cache param equal to "y" just when you do not change page content --}

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