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Pylons no longer depends on marco or venusian

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 1.1 (**tip**)
 * Remove Pylons nose plugin. Increase globals that default tests setup.
-* Added event system for extensions/plugins to hook in with.
-* Add venusian for use with events.
-* Require Marco for event system.
 1.0.1 (**tip**)
 * Utilize MarkupSafe for faster HTML escaping.
         "Paste>=1.7.2", "PasteDeploy>=1.3.3", "PasteScript>=1.7.3",
         "FormEncode>=1.2.1", "simplejson>=2.0.8", "decorator>=2.3.2",
         "nose>=0.10.4", "Mako>=0.2.4", "WebOb>=", "WebError>=0.10.1",
-        "WebTest>=1.1", "Tempita>=0.2", "MarkupSafe>=0.9.2", "Marco>=0.1a2",
-        "venusian>=0.2",
+        "WebTest>=1.1", "Tempita>=0.2", "MarkupSafe>=0.9.2",