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-- orm
-    - the 'expire' option on query.update() has been renamed to 'fetch', thus matching
-      that of query.delete()
-    - query.update() and query.delete() both default to 'evaluate' for the synchronize 
-      strategy.
-    - the 'synchronize' strategy for update() and delete() raises an error on failure.  
-      There is no implicit fallback onto "fetch".   Failure of evaluation is based
-      on the structure of criteria, so success/failure is deterministic based on 
-      code structure.
-    - the "dont_load=True" flag on Session.merge() is deprecated and is now 
-      "load=False".
-- sql
-    - returning() support is native to insert(), update(), delete().  Implementations
-      of varying levels of functionality exist for Postgresql, Firebird, MSSQL and
-      Oracle.   returning() can be called explicitly with column expressions which
-      are then returned in the resultset, usually via fetchone() or first().
-      insert() constructs will also use RETURNING implicitly to get newly
-      generated primary key values, if the database version in use supports it
-      (a version number check is performed).   This occurs if no end-user
-      returning() was specified.
-    - Databases which rely upon postfetch of "last inserted id" to get at a 
-      generated sequence value (i.e. MySQL, MS-SQL) now work correctly
-      when there is a composite primary key where the "autoincrement" column
-      is not the first primary key column in the table.
-    - the last_inserted_ids() method has been renamed to the descriptor
-      "inserted_primary_key".
-- engines
-    - transaction isolation level may be specified with
-      create_engine(... isolation_level="..."); available on
-      postgresql and sqlite. [ticket:443]
-    - added first() method to ResultProxy, returns first row and closes
-      result set immediately.
-- schema
-    - deprecated metadata.connect() and threadlocalmetadata.connect() have been 
-      removed - send the "bind" attribute to bind a metadata.
-    - deprecated metadata.table_iterator() method removed (use sorted_tables)
-    - the "metadata" argument is removed from DefaultGenerator and subclasses,
-      but remains locally present on Sequence, which is a standalone construct
-      in DDL.
-    - Removed public mutability from Index and Constraint objects:
-        - ForeignKeyConstraint.append_element()
-        - Index.append_column()
-        - UniqueConstraint.append_column()
-        - PrimaryKeyConstraint.add()
-        - PrimaryKeyConstraint.remove()
-      These should be constructed declaratively (i.e. in one construction).
-    - UniqueConstraint, Index, PrimaryKeyConstraint all accept lists
-      of column names or column objects as arguments.
-    - Other removed things:
-        - Table.key (no idea what this was for)
-        - Table.primary_key is not assignable - use table.append_constraint(PrimaryKeyConstraint(...))
-        - Column.bind       (get via column.table.bind)
-        - Column.metadata   (get via column.table.metadata)
-    - the use_alter flag on ForeignKey is now a shortcut option for operations that 
-      can be hand-constructed using the DDL() event system.  A side effect of this refactor
-      is that ForeignKeyConstraint objects with use_alter=True will *not* be emitted on
-      SQLite, which does not support ALTER for foreign keys.  This has no effect on SQLite's 
-      behavior since SQLite does not actually honor FOREIGN KEY constraints.
-- DDL
-    - the DDL() system has been greatly expanded:
-        - CreateTable()
-        - DropTable()
-        - AddConstraint()
-        - DropConstraint()
-        - CreateIndex()
-        - DropIndex()
-        - CreateSequence()
-        - DropSequence()
-        - these support "on" and "execute-at()" just like
-          plain DDL() does.
-    - the "on" callable passed to DDL() needs to accept **kw arguments.
-      In the case of MetaData before/after create/drop, the list of 
-      Table objects for which CREATE/DROP DDL is to be issued is passed
-      as the kw argument "tables".   This is necessary for metadata-level
-      DDL that is dependent on the presence of specific tables.
-- dialect refactor
-    - the "owner" keyword argument is removed from Table.  Use "schema" to 
-      represent any namespaces to be prepended to the table name.
-    - server_version_info becomes a static attribute.
-    - dialects receive an initialize() event on initial connection to
-      determine connection properties.
-    - dialects receive a visit_pool event have an opportunity to
-      establish pool listeners.
-    - cached TypeEngine classes are cached per-dialect class instead of per-dialect.
-    - Deprecated Dialect.get_params() removed.
-    - Dialect.get_rowcount() has been renamed to a descriptor "rowcount", and calls 
-      cursor.rowcount directly.  Dialects which need to hardwire a rowcount in for 
-      certain calls should override the method to provide different behavior.
-    - functions and operators generated by the compiler now use (almost) regular
-      dispatch functions of the form "visit_<opname>" and "visit_<funcname>_fn" 
-      to provide customed processing.  This replaces the need to copy the "functions" 
-      and "operators" dictionaries in compiler subclasses with straightforward
-      visitor methods, and also allows compiler subclasses complete control over 
-      rendering, as the full _Function or _BinaryExpression object is passed in.
-- postgresql
-    - the "postgres" dialect is now named "postgresql" !   Connection strings look
-      like:
-           postgresql://scott:tiger@localhost/test
-           postgresql+pg8000://scott:tiger@localhost/test
-       The "postgres" name remains for backwards compatiblity in the following ways:
-           - There is a "" dummy dialect which allows old URLs to work,
-           i.e.  postgres://scott:tiger@localhost/test
-           - The "postgres" name can be imported from the old "databases" module,
-           i.e. "from sqlalchemy.databases import postgres" as well as "dialects",
-           "from sqlalchemy.dialects.postgres import base as pg", will send 
-           a deprecation warning.
-           - Special expression arguments are now named "postgresql_returning"
-           and "postgresql_where", but the older "postgres_returning" and
-           "postgres_where" names still work with a deprecation warning.
-- mysql
-    - all the _detect_XXX() functions now run once underneath dialect.initialize()
-- oracle
-    - support for cx_Oracle's "native unicode" mode which does not require NLS_LANG
-      to be set.  Use the latest 5.0.2 or later of cx_oracle.  
-    - an NCLOB type is added to the base types.
-    - func.char_length is a generic function for LENGTH
-    - ForeignKey() which includes onupdate=<value> will emit a warning, not 
-      emit ON UPDATE CASCADE which is unsupported by oracle
-    - the keys() method of RowProxy() now returns the result column names *normalized*
-      to be SQLAlchemy case insensitive names.  This means they will be lower case 
-      for case insensitive names, whereas the DBAPI would normally return them 
-      as UPPERCASE names.  This allows row keys() to be compatible with further
-      SQLAlchemy operations.
-- firebird
-    - the keys() method of RowProxy() now returns the result column names *normalized*
-      to be SQLAlchemy case insensitive names. This means they will be lower case 
-      for case insensitive names, whereas the DBAPI would normally return them 
-      as UPPERCASE names.  This allows row keys() to be compatible with further
-      SQLAlchemy operations.
-- new dialects
-    - postgresql+pg8000
-    - postgresql+pypostgresql (partial)
-    - postgresql+zxjdbc
-    - mysql+pyodbc
-    - mysql+zxjdbc
-- mssql
-    - the "has_window_funcs" flag is removed.  LIMIT/OFFSET usage will use ROW NUMBER as always,
-      and if on an older version of SQL Server, the operation fails.  The behavior is exactly
-      the same except the error is raised by SQL server instead of the dialect, and no
-      flag setting is required to enable it.
-    - the "auto_identity_insert" flag is removed.  This feature always takes effect
-      when an INSERT statement overrides a column that is known to have a sequence on it.
-      As with "has_window_funcs", if the underlying driver doesn't support this, then you 
-      can't do this operation in any case, so there's no point in having a flag.
-    - using new dialect.initialize() feature to set up version-dependent behavior.
-- types
-    - PickleType now uses == for comparison of values when mutable=True, 
-      unless the "comparator" argument with a comparsion function is specified to the type.  
-      Objects being pickled will be compared based on identity (which defeats the purpose
-      of mutable=True) if __eq__() is not overridden or a comparison function is not provided.
-    - The default "precision" and "scale" arguments of Numeric and Float have been removed 
-      and now default to None.   NUMERIC and FLOAT will be rendered with no numeric arguments
-      by default unless these values are provided.
-    - AbstractType.get_search_list() is removed - the games that was used for are no 
-      longer necessary.
+- orm
+  - Fixed bug whereby a non-"mutable" attribute modified event
+    which occurred on an object that was clean except for
+    preceding mutable attribute changes would fail to strongly
+    reference itself in the identity map. This would cause the
+    object to be garbage collected, losing track of any changes
+    that weren't previously saved in the "mutable changes"
+    dictionary.
+  - "innerjoin" flag doesn't take effect along the chain
+    of joinedload() joins if a previous join in that chain
+    is an outer join, thus allowing primary rows without
+    a referenced child row to be correctly returned
+    in results.  [ticket:1954]
+  - Fixed bug regarding "subqueryload" strategy whereby
+    strategy would fail if the entity was an aliased()
+    construct.  [ticket:1964]
+  - Fixed indexing of Query objects by -1. It was erroneously
+    transformed to the empty slice -1:0 that resulted in
+    IndexError. [ticket:1968]
+  - The mapper argument "primary_key" can be passed as a 
+    single column as well as a list or tuple.  [ticket:1971]
+    The documentation examples that illustrated it as a 
+    scalar value have been changed to lists.  
+  - Added active_history flag to relationship()
+    and column_property(), forces attribute events to
+    always load the "old" value, so that it's available to
+    attributes.get_history(). [ticket:1961]
+  - active_history flag also added to composite(). 
+    The flag has no effect in 0.6, but is instead 
+    a placeholder flag for forwards compatibility,
+    as it will be needed in 0.7 for composites.
+    [ticket:1976]
+  - Query.get() will raise if the number of params
+    in a composite key is too large, as well as too 
+    small. [ticket:1977]
+  - Backport of "optimized get" fix from 0.7,
+    improves the generation of joined-inheritance
+    "load expired row" behavior.  [ticket:1992]
+- sql
+  - Fixed operator precedence rules for multiple
+    chains of a single non-associative operator.
+    I.e. "x - (y - z)" will compile as "x - (y - z)"
+    and not "x - y - z".  Also works with labels,
+    i.e. "x - (y - z).label('foo')"
+    [ticket:1984]
+  - The 'info' attribute of Column is copied during 
+    Column.copy(), i.e. as occurs when using columns
+    in declarative mixins.  [ticket:1967]
+  - Added a bind processor for booleans which coerces
+    to int, for DBAPIs such as pymssql that naively call 
+    str() on values.
+- engine
+  - Fixed memory leak in C version of Decimal result
+    processor.  [ticket:1978]
+  - Implemented sequence check capability for the C 
+    version of RowProxy, as well as 2.7 style 
+    "collections.Sequence" registration for RowProxy.
+    [ticket:1871]
+- postgresql
+  - Single element tuple expressions inside an IN clause
+    parenthesize correctly, also from [ticket:1984]
+  - Ensured every numeric, float, int code, scalar + array,
+    are recognized by psycopg2 and pg8000's "numeric" 
+    base type. [ticket:1955]
+  - Added as_uuid=True flag to the UUID type, will receive
+    and return values as Python UUID() objects rather than
+    strings.  Currently, the UUID type is only known to 
+    work with psycopg2.  [ticket:1956]
+  - Fixed bug whereby KeyError would occur with non-ENUM 
+    supported PG versions after a pool dispose+recreate
+    would occur, [ticket:1989]
+- mysql
+  - Fixed error handling for Jython + zxjdbc, such that 
+    has_table() property works again.  Regression from
+    0.6.3 (we don't have a Jython buildbot, sorry)
+    [ticket:1960]
+- sqlite
+  - The REFERENCES clause in a CREATE TABLE that includes
+    a remote schema to another table with the same schema 
+    name now renders the remote name without
+    the schema clause, as required by SQLite.  [ticket:1851]
+  - On the same theme, the REFERENCES clause in a CREATE TABLE
+    that includes a remote schema to a *different* schema
+    than that of the parent table doesn't render at all,
+    as cross-schema references do not appear to be supported.
+- oracle
+  - The cx_oracle "decimal detection" logic, which takes place
+    for for result set columns with ambiguous numeric characteristics,
+    now uses the decimal point character determined by the locale/
+    NLS_LANG setting, using an on-first-connect detection of 
+    this character.  cx_oracle 5.0.3 or greater is also required
+    when using a non-period-decimal-point NLS_LANG setting.
+    [ticket:1953].
+- declarative
+  - An error is raised if __table_args__ is not in tuple
+    or dict format, and is not None.  [ticket:1972]
+- sqlsoup
+  - Added "map_to()" method to SqlSoup, which is a "master"
+    method which accepts explicit arguments for each aspect of
+    the selectable and mapping, including a base class per
+    mapping. [ticket:1975]
+  - Mapped selectables used with the map(), with_labels(),
+    join() methods no longer put the given argument into the
+    internal "cache" dictionary.  Particularly since the
+    join() and select() objects are created in the method
+    itself this was pretty much a pure memory leaking behavior.
+- orm
+  - Added a new "lazyload" option "immediateload".  
+    Issues the usual "lazy" load operation automatically
+    as the object is populated.   The use case
+    here is when loading objects to be placed in
+    an offline cache, or otherwise used after
+    the session isn't available, and straight 'select'
+    loading, not 'joined' or 'subquery', is desired.
+    [ticket:1914]
+  - New Query methods: query.label(name), query.as_scalar(),
+    return the query's statement as a scalar subquery
+    with /without label [ticket:1920];
+    query.with_entities(*ent), replaces the SELECT list of 
+    the query with new entities. 
+    Roughly equivalent to a generative form of query.values()
+    which accepts mapped entities as well as column 
+    expressions.
+  - Fixed recursion bug which could occur when moving
+    an object from one reference to another, with 
+    backrefs involved, where the initiating parent
+    was a subclass (with its own mapper) of the 
+    previous parent.
+  - Fixed a regression in 0.6.4 which occurred if you 
+    passed an empty list to "include_properties" on 
+    mapper() [ticket:1918]
+  - Fixed labeling bug in Query whereby the NamedTuple
+    would mis-apply labels if any of the column
+    expressions were un-labeled.
+  - Patched a case where query.join() would adapt the
+    right side to the right side of the left's join
+    inappropriately [ticket:1925]
+  - Query.select_from() has been beefed up to help
+    ensure that a subsequent call to query.join()
+    will use the select_from() entity, assuming it's
+    a mapped entity and not a plain selectable, 
+    as the default "left" side, not the first entity 
+    in the Query object's list of entities.
+  - The exception raised by Session when it is used
+    subsequent to a subtransaction rollback (which is what
+    happens when a flush fails in autocommit=False mode) has
+    now been reworded (this is the "inactive due to a
+    rollback in a subtransaction" message). In particular,
+    if the rollback was due to an exception during flush(),
+    the message states this is the case, and reiterates the
+    string form of the original exception that occurred
+    during flush. If the session is closed due to explicit
+    usage of subtransactions (not very common), the message
+    just states this is the case.
+  - The exception raised by Mapper when repeated requests to
+    its initialization are made after initialization already
+    failed no longer assumes the "hasattr" case, since
+    there's other scenarios in which this message gets
+    emitted, and the message also does not compound onto
+    itself multiple times - you get the same message for
+    each attempt at usage. The misnomer "compiles" is being
+    traded out for "initialize".
+  - Fixed bug in query.update() where 'evaluate' or 'fetch'
+    expiration would fail if the column expression key was
+    a class attribute with a different keyname as the 
+    actual column name.  [ticket:1935]
+  - Added an assertion during flush which ensures
+    that no NULL-holding identity keys were generated
+    on "newly persistent" objects.
+    This can occur when user defined code inadvertently
+    triggers flushes on not-fully-loaded objects.
+  - lazy loads for relationship attributes now use
+    the current state, not the "committed" state,
+    of foreign and primary key attributes
+    when issuing SQL, if a flush is not in process.
+    Previously, only the database-committed state would 
+    be used.  In particular, this would cause a many-to-one
+    get()-on-lazyload operation to fail, as autoflush
+    is not triggered on these loads when the attributes are
+    determined and the "committed" state may not be 
+    available.  [ticket:1910]
+  - A new flag on relationship(), load_on_pending, allows
+    the lazy loader to fire off on pending objects without a
+    flush taking place, as well as a transient object that's
+    been manually "attached" to the session. Note that this
+    flag blocks attribute events from taking place when an
+    object is loaded, so backrefs aren't available until
+    after a flush. The flag is only intended for very
+    specific use cases.
+  - Another new flag on relationship(), cascade_backrefs,
+    disables the "save-update" cascade when the event was
+    initiated on the "reverse" side of a bidirectional 
+    relationship.   This is a cleaner behavior so that
+    many-to-ones can be set on a transient object without
+    it getting sucked into the child object's session,
+    while still allowing the forward collection to 
+    cascade.   We *might* default this to False in 0.7.
+  - Slight improvement to the behavior of
+    "passive_updates=False" when placed only on the
+    many-to-one side of a relationship; documentation has
+    been clarified that passive_updates=False should really
+    be on the one-to-many side.
+  - Placing passive_deletes=True on a many-to-one emits
+    a warning, since you probably intended to put it on
+    the one-to-many side.
+  - Fixed bug that would prevent "subqueryload" from
+    working correctly with single table inheritance 
+    for a relationship from a subclass - the "where 
+    type in (x, y, z)" only gets placed on the inside,
+    instead of repeatedly.
+  - When using from_self() with single table inheritance,
+    the "where type in (x, y, z)" is placed on the outside
+    of the query only, instead of repeatedly.   May make
+    some more adjustments to this.
+  - scoped_session emits a warning when configure() is 
+    called if a Session is already present (checks only the
+    current thread) [ticket:1924]
+  - reworked the internals of mapper.cascade_iterator() to
+    cut down method calls by about 9% in some circumstances.
+    [ticket:1932]
+- sql
+   - Fixed bug in TypeDecorator whereby the dialect-specific
+     type was getting pulled in to generate the DDL for a 
+     given type, which didn't always return the correct result.
+   - TypeDecorator can now have a fully constructed type
+     specified as its "impl", in addition to a type class.
+   - TypeDecorator will now place itself as the resulting
+     type for a binary expression where the type coercion
+     rules would normally return its impl type - previously,
+     a copy of the impl type would be returned which would
+     have the TypeDecorator embedded into it as the "dialect"
+     impl, this was probably an unintentional way of achieving
+     the desired effect.
+   - TypeDecorator.load_dialect_impl() returns "self.impl" by
+     default, i.e. not the dialect implementation type of 
+     "self.impl".   This to support compilation correctly.  
+     Behavior can be user-overridden in exactly the same way 
+     as before to the same effect.
+   - Added type_coerce(expr, type_) expression element.  
+     Treats the given expression as the given type when evaluating
+     expressions and processing result rows, but does not 
+     affect the generation of SQL, other than an anonymous
+     label.
+   - Table.tometadata() now copies Index objects associated
+     with the Table as well.
+   - Table.tometadata() issues a warning if the given Table 
+     is already present in the target MetaData - the existing
+     Table object is returned.
+   - An informative error message is raised if a Column 
+     which has not yet been assigned a name, i.e. as in 
+     declarative, is used in a context where it is
+     exported to the columns collection of an enclosing
+     select() construct, or if any construct involving
+     that column is compiled before its name is 
+     assigned.
+   - as_scalar(), label() can be called on a selectable
+     which contains a Column that is not yet named.
+     [ticket:1862]
+   - Fixed recursion overflow which could occur when operating
+     with two expressions both of type "NullType", but
+     not the singleton NULLTYPE instance. [ticket:1907]
+- declarative
+   - @classproperty (soon/now @declared_attr) takes effect for 
+     __mapper_args__, __table_args__, __tablename__ on 
+     a base class that is not a mixin, as well as mixins.
+     [ticket:1922]
+   - @classproperty 's official name/location for usage
+     with declarative is sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.declared_attr.
+     Same thing, but moving there since it is more of a
+     "marker" that's specific to declararative, 
+     not just an attribute technique.  [ticket:1915]
+   - Fixed bug whereby columns on a mixin wouldn't propagate
+     correctly to a single-table, or joined-table,
+     inheritance scheme where the attribute name is
+     different than that of the column. [ticket:1930],
+     [ticket:1931].
+   - A mixin can now specify a column that overrides 
+     a column of the same name associated with a superclass.
+     Thanks to Oystein Haaland.
+- engine
+   - Fixed a regression in 0.6.4 whereby the change that
+     allowed cursor errors to be raised consistently broke
+     the result.lastrowid accessor.   Test coverage has
+     been added for result.lastrowid.   Note that lastrowid
+     is only supported by Pysqlite and some MySQL drivers,
+     so isn't super-useful in the general case.
+   - the logging message emitted by the engine when
+     a connection is first used is now "BEGIN (implicit)" 
+     to emphasize that DBAPI has no explicit begin().
+   - added "views=True" option to metadata.reflect(), 
+     will add the list of available views to those
+     being reflected.  [ticket:1936]
+   - engine_from_config() now accepts 'debug' for 
+     'echo', 'echo_pool', 'force' for 'convert_unicode',
+     boolean values for 'use_native_unicode'.  
+     [ticket:1899]
+- postgresql
+   - Added "as_tuple" flag to ARRAY type, returns results
+     as tuples instead of lists to allow hashing.
+   - Fixed bug which prevented "domain" built from a 
+     custom type such as "enum" from being reflected.
+     [ticket:1933]
+- mysql
+   - Fixed bug involving reflection of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP 
+     default used with ON UPDATE clause, thanks to 
+     Taavi Burns [ticket:1940]
+- oracle
+   - The implicit_retunring argument to create_engine()
+     is now honored regardless of detected version of 
+     Oracle.  Previously, the flag would be forced
+     to False if server version info was < 10.
+     [ticket:1878]
+- mssql
+   - Fixed reflection bug which did not properly handle
+     reflection of unknown types.  [ticket:1946]
+   - Fixed bug where aliasing of tables with "schema" would
+     fail to compile properly.  [ticket:1943]
+   - Rewrote the reflection of indexes to use sys. 
+     catalogs, so that column names of any configuration
+     (spaces, embedded commas, etc.) can be reflected.
+     Note that reflection of indexes requires SQL 
+     Server 2005 or greater.  [ticket:1770]
+   - mssql+pymssql dialect now honors the "port" portion
+     of the URL instead of discarding it.  [ticket:1952]
+- informix
+   - *Major* cleanup / modernization of the Informix 
+     dialect for 0.6, courtesy Florian Apolloner. 
+     [ticket:1906]
+- tests
+   - the NoseSQLAlchemyPlugin has been moved to a
+     new package "sqlalchemy_nose" which installs
+     along with "sqlalchemy".  This so that the "nosetests"
+     script works as always but also allows the 
+     --with-coverage option to turn on coverage before
+     SQLAlchemy modules are imported, allowing coverage
+     to work correctly.
+- misc
+   - CircularDependencyError now has .cycles and .edges
+     members, which are the set of elements involved in
+     one or more cycles, and the set of edges as 2-tuples.  
+     [ticket:1890]
+- orm
+  - The name ConcurrentModificationError has been
+    changed to StaleDataError, and descriptive 
+    error messages have been revised to reflect
+    exactly what the issue is.   Both names will
+    remain available for the forseeable future
+    for schemes that may be specifying 
+    ConcurrentModificationError in an "except:"
+    clause.
+  - Added a mutex to the identity map which mutexes
+    remove operations against iteration methods,
+    which now pre-buffer before returning an 
+    iterable.   This because asyncrhonous gc 
+    can remove items via the gc thread at any time.
+    [ticket:1891]
+  - The Session class is now present in sqlalchemy.orm.*.
+    We're moving away from the usage of create_session(),
+    which has non-standard defaults, for those situations
+    where a one-step Session constructor is desired. Most
+    users should stick with sessionmaker() for general use,
+    however.
+  - query.with_parent() now accepts transient objects
+    and will use the non-persistent values of their pk/fk
+    attributes in order to formulate the criterion.  
+    Docs are also clarified as to the purpose of with_parent().
+  - The include_properties and exclude_properties arguments
+    to mapper() now accept Column objects as members in 
+    addition to strings.  This so that same-named Column
+    objects, such as those within a join(), can be
+    disambiguated.
+  - A warning is now emitted if a mapper is created against a
+    join or other single selectable that includes multiple
+    columns with the same name in its .c. collection,
+    and those columns aren't explictly named as part of
+    the same or separate attributes (or excluded).
+    In 0.7 this warning will be an exception.   Note that
+    this warning is not emitted when the combination occurs
+    as a result of inheritance, so that attributes
+    still allow being overridden naturally.  
+    [ticket:1896].  In 0.7 this will be improved further.
+  - The primary_key argument to mapper() can now specify
+    a series of columns that are only a subset of 
+    the calculated "primary key" columns of the mapped 
+    selectable, without an error being raised.  This
+    helps for situations where a selectable's effective
+    primary key is simpler than the number of columns
+    in the selectable that are actually marked as 
+    "primary_key", such as a join against two 
+    tables on their primary key columns [ticket:1896].
+  - An object that's been deleted now gets a flag
+    'deleted', which prohibits the object from
+    being re-add()ed to the session, as previously
+    the object would live in the identity map
+    silently until its attributes were accessed.
+    The make_transient() function now resets this
+    flag along with the "key" flag.
+  - make_transient() can be safely called on an
+    already transient instance.
+  - a warning is emitted in mapper() if the polymorphic_on
+    column is not present either in direct or derived
+    form in the mapped selectable or in the 
+    with_polymorphic selectable, instead of silently
+    ignoring it.  Look for this to become an
+    exception in 0.7.
+  - Another pass through the series of error messages
+    emitted when relationship() is configured with
+    ambiguous arguments.   The "foreign_keys" 
+    setting is no longer mentioned, as it is almost
+    never needed and it is preferable users set up
+    correct ForeignKey metadata, which is now the
+    recommendation.  If 'foreign_keys'
+    is used and is incorrect, the message suggests
+    the attribute is probably unnecessary.  Docs
+    for the attribute are beefed up.  This 
+    because all confused relationship() users on the 
+    ML appear to be attempting to use foreign_keys
+    due to the message, which only confuses them
+    further since Table metadata is much clearer.
+  - If the "secondary" table has no ForeignKey metadata
+    and no foreign_keys is set, even though the
+    user is passing screwed up information, it is assumed
+    that primary/secondaryjoin expressions should
+    consider only and all cols in "secondary" to be 
+    foreign.  It's not possible with "secondary" for 
+    the foreign keys to be elsewhere in any case.
+    A warning is now emitted instead of an error, 
+    and the mapping succeeds. [ticket:1877]
+  - Moving an o2m object from one collection to
+    another, or vice versa changing the referenced
+    object by an m2o, where the foreign key is also a
+    member of the primary key, will now be more
+    carefully checked during flush if the change in
+    value of the foreign key on the "many" side is the
+    result of a change in the primary key of the "one"
+    side, or if the "one" is just a different object.
+    In one case, a cascade-capable DB would have
+    cascaded the value already and we need to look at
+    the "new" PK value to do an UPDATE, in the other we
+    need to continue looking at the "old". We now look
+    at the "old", assuming passive_updates=True,
+    unless we know it was a PK switch that
+    triggered the change. [ticket:1856]
+  - The value of version_id_col can be changed 
+    manually, and this will result in an UPDATE
+    of the row.  Versioned UPDATEs and DELETEs
+    now use the "committed" value of the 
+    version_id_col in the WHERE clause and
+    not the pending changed value. The 
+    version generator is also bypassed if 
+    manual changes are present on the attribute.
+    [ticket:1857]
+  - Repaired the usage of merge() when used with 
+    concrete inheriting mappers.  Such mappers frequently
+    have so-called "concrete" attributes, which are
+    subclass attributes that "disable" propagation from
+    the parent - these needed to allow a merge()
+    operation to pass through without effect.
+  - Specifying a non-column based argument
+    for column_mapped_collection, including string,
+    text() etc., will raise an error message that
+    specifically asks for a column element, no longer
+    misleads with incorrect information about
+    text() or literal().  [ticket:1863]
+  - Similarly, for relationship(), foreign_keys,
+    remote_side, order_by - all column-based 
+    expressions are enforced - lists of strings
+    are explicitly disallowed since this is a
+    very common error
+  - Dynamic attributes don't support collection 
+    population - added an assertion for when
+    set_committed_value() is called, as well as
+    when joinedload() or subqueryload() options
+    are applied to a dynamic attribute, instead
+    of failure / silent failure.  [ticket:1864]
+  - Fixed bug whereby generating a Query derived
+    from one which had the same column repeated
+    with different label names, typically 
+    in some UNION situations, would fail to 
+    propagate the inner columns completely to
+    the outer query.  [ticket:1852]
+  - object_session() raises the proper 
+    UnmappedInstanceError when presented with an
+    unmapped instance.  [ticket:1881]
+  - Applied further memoizations to calculated Mapper
+    properties, with significant (~90%) runtime
+    call count reduction in heavily polymorphic mapping
+    configurations.
+  - mapper _get_col_to_prop private method used 
+    by the versioning example is deprecated; 
+    now use mapper.get_property_by_column() which 
+    will remain the public method for this.
+  - the versioning example works correctly now
+    if versioning on a col that was formerly 
+    NULL.
+- sql
+  - Calling execute() on an alias() construct is pending
+    deprecation for 0.7, as it is not itself an
+    "executable" construct. It currently "proxies" its
+    inner element and is conditionally "executable" but
+    this is not the kind of ambiguity we like these days.
+  - The execute() and scalar() methods of ClauseElement
+    are now moved appropriately to the Executable
+    subclass. ClauseElement.execute()/ scalar() are still
+    present and are pending deprecation in 0.7, but note
+    these would always raise an error anyway if you were
+    not an Executable (unless you were an alias(), see
+    previous note).
+  - Added basic math expression coercion for 
+    Numeric->Integer,
+    so that resulting type is Numeric regardless
+    of the direction of the expression.
+  - Changed the scheme used to generate truncated
+    "auto" index names when using the "index=True"
+    flag on Column.   The truncation only takes
+    place with the auto-generated name, not one
+    that is user-defined (an error would be 
+    raised instead), and the truncation scheme 
+    itself is now based on a fragment of an md5
+    hash of the identifier name, so that multiple
+    indexes on columns with similar names still
+    have unique names.  [ticket:1855]
+  - The generated index name also is based on 
+    a "max index name length" attribute which is
+    separate from the "max identifier length" - 
+    this to appease MySQL who has a max length
+    of 64 for index names, separate from their
+    overall max length of 255.  [ticket:1412]
+  - the text() construct, if placed in a column
+    oriented situation, will at least return NULLTYPE
+    for its type instead of None, allowing it to 
+    be used a little more freely for ad-hoc column
+    expressions than before.   literal_column()
+    is still the better choice, however.
+  - Added full description of parent table/column, 
+    target table/column in error message raised when
+    ForeignKey can't resolve target.
+  - Fixed bug whereby replacing composite foreign key
+    columns in a reflected table would cause an attempt
+    to remove the reflected constraint from the table
+    a second time, raising a KeyError.  [ticket:1865]
+  - the _Label construct, i.e. the one that is produced
+    whenever you say somecol.label(), now counts itself
+    in its "proxy_set" unioned with that of it's
+    contained column's proxy set, instead of 
+    directly returning that of the contained column.
+    This allows column correspondence
+    operations which depend on the identity of the 
+    _Labels themselves to return the correct result
+    - fixes ORM bug [ticket:1852].
+- engine
+  - Calling fetchone() or similar on a result that
+    has already been exhausted, has been closed,
+    or is not a result-returning result now 
+    raises ResourceClosedError, a subclass of
+    InvalidRequestError, in all cases, regardless
+    of backend.  Previously, some DBAPIs would
+    raise ProgrammingError (i.e. pysqlite), others
+    would return None leading to downstream breakages
+    (i.e. MySQL-python).
+  - Fixed bug in Connection whereby if a "disconnect"
+    event occurred in the "initialize" phase of the
+    first connection pool connect, an AttributeError
+    would be raised when the Connection would attempt
+    to invalidate the DBAPI connection.  [ticket:1894]
+  - Connection, ResultProxy, as well as Session use
+    ResourceClosedError for all "this
+    connection/transaction/result is closed" types of
+    errors.
+  - Connection.invalidate() can be called more than
+    once and subsequent calls do nothing.
+- declarative
+  - if @classproperty is used with a regular class-bound
+    mapper property attribute, it will be called to get the
+    actual attribute value during initialization. Currently,
+    there's no advantage to using @classproperty on a column
+    or relationship attribute of a declarative class that
+    isn't a mixin - evaluation is at the same time as if
+    @classproperty weren't used. But here we at least allow
+    it to function as expected.
+  - Fixed bug where "Can't add additional column" message
+    would display the wrong name.
+- postgresql
+  - Fixed the psycopg2 dialect to use its
+    set_isolation_level() method instead of relying
+    upon the base "SET SESSION ISOLATION" command,
+    as psycopg2 resets the isolation level on each new 
+    transaction otherwise.
+- mssql
+  - Fixed "default schema" query to work with
+    pymssql backend.
+- firebird
+  - Fixed bug whereby a column default would fail to 
+    reflect if the "default" keyword were lower case.
+- oracle
+  - Added ROWID type to the Oracle dialect, for those
+    cases where an explicit CAST might be needed.
+    [ticket:1879]
+  - Oracle reflection of indexes has been tuned so
+    that indexes which include some or all primary
+    key columns, but not the same set of columns
+    as that of the primary key, are reflected.
+    Indexes which contain the identical columns
+    as that of the primary key are skipped within
+    reflection, as the index in that case is assumed
+    to be the auto-generated primary key index.
+    Previously, any index with PK columns present
+    would be skipped.  Thanks to Kent Bower
+    for the patch.  [ticket:1867]
+  - Oracle now reflects the names of primary key
+    constraints - also thanks to Kent Bower.
+    [ticket:1868]
+- informix
+  - Applied patches from [ticket:1904] to get
+    basic Informix functionality up again.  We
+    rely upon end-user testing to ensure that
+    Informix is working to some degree.
+- documentation
+  - The docs have been reorganized such that the "API
+    Reference" section is gone - all the docstrings from
+    there which were public API are moved into the
+    context of the main doc section that talks about it.
+    Main docs divided into "SQLAlchemy Core" and
+    "SQLAlchemy ORM" sections, mapper/relationship docs
+    have been broken out. Lots of sections rewritten
+    and/or reorganized.
+- examples
+  - The beaker_caching example has been reorgnized
+    such that the Session, cache manager, 
+    declarative_base are part of environment, and
+    custom cache code is portable and now within
+    "".  This allows the example to 
+    be easier to "drop in" to existing projects.
+  - the history_meta versioning recipe sets "unique=False"
+    when copying columns, so that the versioning 
+    table handles multiple rows with repeating values.
+    [ticket:1887]
+- orm
+  - Removed errant many-to-many load in unitofwork 
+    which triggered unnecessarily on expired/unloaded 
+    collections. This load now takes place only if 
+    passive_updates is False and the parent primary 
+    key has changed, or if passive_deletes is False 
+    and a delete of the parent has occurred.
+    [ticket:1845]
+  - Column-entities (i.e. query( copy their 
+    state more fully when queries are derived from 
+    themselves + a selectable (i.e. from_self(), 
+    union(), etc.), so that join() and such have the 
+    correct state to work from.  [ticket:1853]
+  - Fixed bug where Query.join() would fail if
+    querying a non-ORM column then joining without
+    an on clause when a FROM clause is already
+    present, now raises a checked exception the 
+    same way it does when the clause is not
+    present.  [ticket:1853]
+  - Improved the check for an "unmapped class", 
+    including the case where the superclass is mapped
+    but the subclass is not.  Any attempts to access
+    cls._sa_class_manager.mapper now raise 
+    UnmappedClassError().  [ticket:1142]
+  - Added "column_descriptions" accessor to Query,
+    returns a list of dictionaries containing
+    naming/typing information about the entities
+    the Query will return.  Can be helpful for 
+    building GUIs on top of ORM queries.
+- mysql
+  - The _extract_error_code() method now works 
+    correctly with each MySQL dialect (
+    MySQL-python, OurSQL, MySQL-Connector-Python,
+    PyODBC).  Previously,
+    the reconnect logic would fail for OperationalError
+    conditions, however since MySQLdb and OurSQL
+    have their own reconnect feature, there was no 
+    symptom for these drivers here unless one 
+    watched the logs.  [ticket:1848]
+- oracle
+  - More tweaks to cx_oracle Decimal handling. 
+    "Ambiguous" numerics with no decimal place
+    are coerced to int at the connection handler 
+    level.  The advantage here is that ints
+    come back as ints without SQLA type 
+    objects being involved and without needless
+    conversion to Decimal first.
+    Unfortunately, some exotic subquery cases 
+    can even see different types between 
+    individual result rows, so the Numeric 
+    handler, when instructed to return Decimal,
+    can't take full advantage of "native decimal"
+    mode and must run isinstance() on every value
+    to check if its Decimal already. Reopen of
+    [ticket:1840]
+- orm
+  - Query.join() will check for a call of the
+    form query.join(target, clause_expression), 
+    i.e. missing the tuple, and raise an informative
+    error message that this is the wrong calling form.
+  - Fixed bug regarding flushes on self-referential 
+    bi-directional many-to-many relationships, where
+    two objects made to mutually reference each other
+    in one flush would fail to insert a row for both
+    sides.  Regression from 0.5. [ticket:1824]
+  - the post_update feature of relationship() has been
+    reworked architecturally to integrate more closely
+    with the new 0.6 unit of work.  The motivation 
+    for the change is so that multiple "post update"
+    calls, each affecting different foreign key
+    columns of the same row, are executed in a single
+    UPDATE statement, rather than one UPDATE 
+    statement per column per row.   Multiple row
+    updates are also batched into executemany()s as 
+    possible, while maintaining consistent row ordering.
+  - Query.statement, Query.subquery(), etc. now transfer
+    the values of bind parameters, i.e. those specified
+    by query.params(), into the resulting SQL expression.
+    Previously the values would not be transferred
+    and bind parameters would come out as None.
+  - Subquery-eager-loading now works with Query objects
+    which include params(), as well as get() Queries.
+  - Can now call make_transient() on an instance that
+    is referenced by parent objects via many-to-one,
+    without the parent's foreign key value getting
+    temporarily set to None - this was a function
+    of the "detect primary key switch" flush handler.
+    It now ignores objects that are no longer 
+    in the "persistent" state, and the parent's 
+    foreign key identifier is left unaffected.
+  - query.order_by() now accepts False, which cancels
+    any existing order_by() state on the Query, allowing
+    subsequent generative methods to be called which do 
+    not support ORDER BY.  This is not the same as the 
+    already existing feature of passing None, which 
+    suppresses any existing order_by() settings, including 
+    those configured on the mapper.  False will make it
+    as though order_by() was never called, while
+    None is an active setting.
+  - An instance which is moved to "transient", has
+    an incomplete or missing set of primary key 
+    attributes, and contains expired attributes, will
+    raise an InvalidRequestError if an expired attribute
+    is accessed, instead of getting a recursion overflow.
+  - The make_transient() function is now in the generated
+    documentation.
+  - make_transient() removes all "loader" callables from
+    the state being made transient, removing any
+    "expired" state - all unloaded attributes reset back
+    to undefined, None/empty on access.
+- sql
+  - The warning emitted by the Unicode and String types
+    with convert_unicode=True no longer embeds the actual
+    value passed.   This so that the Python warning
+    registry does not continue to grow in size, the warning
+    is emitted once as per the warning filter settings, 
+    and large string values don't pollute the output.
+    [ticket:1822]
+  - Fixed bug that would prevent overridden clause
+    compilation from working for "annotated" expression
+    elements, which are often generated by the ORM.
+  - The argument to "ESCAPE" of a LIKE operator or similar
+    is passed through render_literal_value(), which may 
+    implement escaping of backslashes.  [ticket:1400]
+  - Fixed bug in Enum type which blew away native_enum
+    flag when used with TypeDecorators or other adaption
+    scenarios.
+  - Inspector hits bind.connect() when invoked to ensure
+    initialize has been called.  the internal name ".conn"
+    is changed to ".bind", since that's what it is.
+  - Modified the internals of "column annotation" such that
+    a custom Column subclass can safely override
+    _constructor to return Column, for the purposes of 
+    making "configurational" column classes that aren't 
+    involved in proxying, etc.
+  - Column.copy() takes along the "unique" attribute
+    among others, fixes [ticket:1829] regarding declarative
+    mixins
+- postgresql
+  - render_literal_value() is overridden which escapes
+    backslashes, currently applies to the ESCAPE clause
+    of LIKE and similar expressions.   
+    Ultimately this will have to detect the value of 
+    "standard_conforming_strings" for full behavior.  
+    [ticket:1400]
+  - Won't generate "CREATE TYPE" / "DROP TYPE" if
+    using types.Enum on a PG version prior to 8.3 - 
+    the supports_native_enum flag is fully
+    honored.  [ticket:1836]
+- mysql
+  - MySQL dialect doesn't emit CAST() for MySQL version 
+    detected < 4.0.2.  This allows the unicode
+    check on connect to proceed. [ticket:1826]
+  - MySQL dialect now detects NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES sql
+    mode, in addition to ANSI_QUOTES.  
+  - render_literal_value() is overridden which escapes
+    backslashes, currently applies to the ESCAPE clause
+    of LIKE and similar expressions.   This behavior
+    is derived from detecting the value of 
+    NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES.  [ticket:1400]
+- oracle:
+  - Fixed ora-8 compatibility flags such that they
+    don't cache a stale value from before the first
+    database connection actually occurs. [ticket:1819]
+  - Oracle's "native decimal" metadata begins to return
+    ambiguous typing information about numerics
+    when columns are embedded in subqueries as well
+    as when ROWNUM is consulted with subqueries, as we 
+    do for limit/offset.  We've added these ambiguous 
+    conditions to the cx_oracle "convert to Decimal()" 
+    handler, so that we receive numerics as Decimal 
+    in more cases instead of as floats.  These are 
+    then converted, if requested, into Integer
+    or Float, or otherwise kept as the lossless
+    Decimal [ticket:1840].
+- mssql
+  - If server_version_info is outside the usual
+    range of (8, ), (9, ), (10, ), a warning is emitted
+    which suggests checking that the FreeTDS version 
+    configuration is using 7.0 or 8.0, not 4.2.
+    [ticket:1825]
+- firebird
+  - Fixed incorrect signature in do_execute(), error 
+    introduced in 0.6.1. [ticket:1823]
+  - Firebird dialect adds CHAR, VARCHAR types which
+    accept a "charset" flag, to support Firebird
+    "CHARACTER SET" clause.  [ticket:1813]
+- declarative
+   - Added support for @classproperty to provide 
+     any kind of schema/mapping construct from a 
+     declarative mixin, including columns with foreign 
+     keys, relationships, column_property, deferred.
+     This solves all such issues on declarative mixins.
+     An error is raised if any MapperProperty subclass
+     is specified on a mixin without using @classproperty.
+     [ticket:1751] [ticket:1796] [ticket:1805]
+   - a mixin class can now define a column that matches
+     one which is present on a __table__ defined on a 
+     subclass.  It cannot, however, define one that is 
+     not present in the __table__, and the error message
+     here now works.  [ticket:1821]
+- compiler extension
+  - The 'default' compiler is automatically copied over
+    when overriding the compilation of a built in
+    clause construct, so no KeyError is raised if the
+    user-defined compiler is specific to certain 
+    backends and compilation for a different backend
+    is invoked. [ticket:1838]
+- documentation
+  - Added documentation for the Inspector. [ticket:1820]
+  - Fixed @memoized_property and @memoized_instancemethod
+    decorators so that Sphinx documentation picks up 
+    these attributes and methods, such as 
+    ResultProxy.inserted_primary_key. [ticket:1830]
+- orm
+  - Fixed regression introduced in 0.6.0 involving improper
+    history accounting on mutable attributes.  [ticket:1782]
+  - Fixed regression introduced in 0.6.0 unit of work refactor
+    that broke updates for bi-directional relationship()
+    with post_update=True. [ticket:1807]
+  - session.merge() will not expire attributes on the returned
+    instance if that instance is "pending".  [ticket:1789]
+  - fixed __setstate__ method of CollectionAdapter to not
+    fail during deserialize where parent InstanceState not
+    yet unserialized.  [ticket:1802]
+  - Added internal warning in case an instance without a 
+    full PK happened to be expired and then was asked
+    to refresh. [ticket:1797]
+  - Added more aggressive caching to the mapper's usage of
+    UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE expressions.  Assuming the 
+    statement has no per-object SQL expressions attached,
+    the expression objects are cached by the mapper after 
+    the first create, and their compiled form is stored
+    persistently in a cache dictionary for the duration of
+    the related Engine.  The cache is an LRUCache for the
+    rare case that a mapper receives an extremely
+    high number of different column patterns as UPDATEs.
+- sql
+  - expr.in_() now accepts a text() construct as the argument.
+    Grouping parenthesis are added automatically, i.e. usage
+    is like `col.in_(text("select id from table"))`.
+    [ticket:1793]
+  - Columns of _Binary type (i.e. LargeBinary, BLOB, etc.)
+    will coerce a "basestring" on the right side into a 
+    _Binary as well so that required DBAPI processing 
+    takes place.
+  - Added table.add_is_dependent_on(othertable), allows manual
+    placement of dependency rules between two Table objects
+    for use within create_all(), drop_all(), sorted_tables.
+    [ticket:1801]
+  - Fixed bug that prevented implicit RETURNING from functioning
+    properly with composite primary key that contained zeroes.
+    [ticket:1778]
+  - Fixed errant space character when generating ADD CONSTRAINT
+    for a named UNIQUE constraint.
+  - Fixed "table" argument on constructor of ForeginKeyConstraint
+    [ticket:1571]
+  - Fixed bug in connection pool cursor wrapper whereby if a
+    cursor threw an exception on close(), the logging of the 
+    message would fail.  [ticket:1786]
+  - the _make_proxy() method of ColumnClause and Column now use
+    self.__class__ to determine the class of object to be returned
+    instead of hardcoding to ColumnClause/Column, making it slightly 
+    easier to produce specific subclasses of these which work in 
+    alias/subquery situations.
+  - func.XXX() doesn't inadvertently resolve to non-Function 
+    classes (e.g. fixes func.text()).  [ticket:1798]
+- engines
+  - Fixed building the C extensions on Python 2.4. [ticket:1781]
+  - Pool classes will reuse the same "pool_logging_name" setting
+    after a dispose() occurs.
+  - Engine gains an "execution_options" argument and 
+    update_execution_options() method, which will apply to 
+    all connections generated by this engine.
+- mysql
+  - func.sysdate() emits "SYSDATE()", i.e. with the ending
+    parenthesis, on MySQL.  [ticket:1794]
+- sqlite
+  - Fixed concatenation of constraints when "PRIMARY KEY" 
+    constraint gets moved to column level due to SQLite
+    AUTOINCREMENT keyword being rendered.  [ticket:1812]
+- oracle
+  - Added a check for cx_oracle versions lower than version 5,
+    in which case the incompatible "output type handler" won't 
+    be used.   This will impact decimal accuracy and some
+    unicode handling issues.  [ticket:1775]
+  - Fixed use_ansi=False mode, which was producing broken 
+    WHERE clauses in pretty much all cases.  [ticket:1790]
+  - Re-established support for Oracle 8 with cx_oracle, 
+    including that use_ansi is set to False automatically, 
+    NVARCHAR2 and NCLOB are not rendered for Unicode, 
+    "native unicode" check doesn't fail, cx_oracle 
+    "native unicode" mode is disabled, VARCHAR() is emitted 
+    with bytes count instead of char count. [ticket:1808]
+  - oracle_xe 5 doesn't accept a Python unicode object in 
+    its connect string in normal Python 2.x mode - so we coerce
+    to str() directly.  non-ascii characters aren't supported
+    in connect strings here since we don't know what encoding
+    we could use.  [ticket:1670]
+  - FOR UPDATE is emitted in the syntactically correct position
+    when limit/offset is used, i.e. the ROWNUM subquery.
+    However, Oracle can't really handle FOR UPDATE with ORDER BY
+    or with subqueries, so its still not very usable, but at
+    least SQLA gets the SQL past the Oracle parser.
+    [ticket:1815]
+- firebird
+  - Added a label to the query used within has_table() and 
+    has_sequence() to work with older versions of Firebird
+    that don't provide labels for result columns. [ticket:1521]
+  - Added integer coercion to the "type_conv" attribute when 
+    passed via query string, so that it is properly interpreted
+    by Kinterbasdb. [ticket:1779]
+  - Added 'connection shutdown' to the list of exception strings
+    which indicate a dropped connection.  [ticket:1646]
+- sqlsoup
+  - the SqlSoup constructor accepts a `base` argument which specifies
+    the base class to use for mapped classes, the default being
+    `object`.  [ticket:1783]
+- orm
+  - Unit of work internals have been rewritten.  Units of work
+    with large numbers of objects interdependent objects 
+    can now be flushed without recursion overflows 
+    as there is no longer reliance upon recursive calls
+    [ticket:1081].  The number of internal structures now stays 
+    constant for a particular session state, regardless of 
+    how many relationships are present on mappings.  The flow 
+    of events now corresponds to a linear list of steps, 
+    generated by the mappers and relationships based on actual
+    work to be done, filtered through a single topological sort 
+    for correct ordering.  Flush actions are assembled using 
+    far fewer steps and less memory. [ticket:1742]
+  - Along with the UOW rewrite, this also removes an issue
+    introduced in 0.6beta3 regarding topological cycle detection 
+    for units of work with long dependency cycles.  We now use
+    an algorithm written by Guido (thanks Guido!).
+  - one-to-many relationships now maintain a list of positive
+    parent-child associations within the flush, preventing
+    previous parents marked as deleted from cascading a 
+    delete or NULL foreign key set on those child objects,
+    despite the end-user not removing the child from the old
+    association. [ticket:1764]
+  - A collection lazy load will switch off default 
+    eagerloading on the reverse many-to-one side, since 
+    that loading is by definition unnecessary.  [ticket:1495]
+  - Session.refresh() now does an equivalent expire()
+    on the given instance first, so that the "refresh-expire"
+    cascade is propagated.   Previously, refresh() was
+    not affected in any way by the presence of "refresh-expire"
+    cascade.   This is a change in behavior versus that
+    of 0.6beta2, where the "lockmode" flag passed to refresh()
+    would cause a version check to occur.  Since the instance
+    is first expired, refresh() always upgrades the object
+    to the most recent version.
+  - The 'refresh-expire' cascade, when reaching a pending object,
+    will expunge the object if the cascade also includes
+    "delete-orphan", or will simply detach it otherwise.
+    [ticket:1754]
+  - id(obj) is no longer used internally within,
+    as the sorting functions now require hashable objects
+    only.  [ticket:1756]
+  - The ORM will set the docstring of all generated descriptors
+    to None by default.  This can be overridden using 'doc'
+    (or if using Sphinx, attribute docstrings work too).
+  - Added kw argument 'doc' to all mapper property callables 
+    as well as Column().  Will assemble the string 'doc' as 
+    the '__doc__' attribute on the descriptor.  
+  - Usage of version_id_col on a backend that supports 
+    cursor.rowcount for execute() but not executemany() now works
+    when a delete is issued (already worked for saves, since those
+    don't use executemany()). For a backend that doesn't support 
+    cursor.rowcount at all, a warning is emitted the same
+    as with saves.  [ticket:1761]
+  - The ORM now short-term caches the "compiled" form of
+    insert() and update() constructs when flushing lists of 
+    objects of all the same class, thereby avoiding redundant
+    compilation per individual INSERT/UPDATE within an 
+    individual flush() call.
+  - internal getattr(), setattr(), getcommitted() methods
+    on ColumnProperty, CompositeProperty, RelationshipProperty
+    have been underscored (i.e. are private), signature has 
+    changed.
+- engines
+  - The C extension now also works with DBAPIs which use custom
+    sequences as row (and not only tuples). [ticket:1757]
+- sql
+  - Restored some bind-labeling logic from 0.5 which ensures
+    that tables with column names that overlap another column
+    of the form "<tablename>_<columnname>" won't produce 
+    errors if column._label is used as a bind name during
+    an UPDATE.  Test coverage which wasn't present in 0.5
+    has been added.  [ticket:1755]
+  - is no longer 
+    deprecated, and will eventually be rolled into a more 
+    comprehensive version of the feature for [ticket:1729].
+  - the Numeric type raises an *enormous* warning when expected
+    to convert floats to Decimal from a DBAPI that returns floats.
+    This includes SQLite, Sybase, MS-SQL. [ticket:1759]
+  - Fixed an error in expression typing which caused an endless
+    loop for expressions with two NULL types.
+  - Fixed bug in execution_options() feature whereby the existing
+    Transaction and other state information from the parent 
+    connection would not be propagated to the sub-connection.
+  - Added new 'compiled_cache' execution option.  A dictionary 
+    where Compiled objects will be cached when the Connection
+    compiles a clause expression into a dialect- and parameter- 
+    specific Compiled object.  It is the user's responsibility to
+    manage the size of this dictionary, which will have keys
+    corresponding to the dialect, clause element, the column
+    names within the VALUES or SET clause of an INSERT or UPDATE, 
+    as well as the "batch" mode for an INSERT or UPDATE statement.
+  - Added get_pk_constraint() to reflection.Inspector, similar
+    to get_primary_keys() except returns a dict that includes the
+    name of the constraint, for supported backends (PG so far).
+    [ticket:1769]
+  - Table.create() and Table.drop() no longer apply metadata-
+    level create/drop events.  [ticket:1771]
+- ext
+  - the compiler extension now allows @compiles decorators
+    on base classes that extend to child classes, @compiles
+    decorators on child classes that aren't broken by a 
+    @compiles decorator on the base class.
+  - Declarative will raise an informative error message
+    if a non-mapped class attribute is referenced in the
+    string-based relationship() arguments.
+  - Further reworked the "mixin" logic in declarative to 
+    additionally allow __mapper_args__ as a @classproperty
+    on a mixin, such as to dynamically assign polymorphic_identity.
+- postgresql
+  - Postgresql now reflects sequence names associated with 
+    SERIAL columns correctly, after the name of of the sequence
+    has been changed.  Thanks to Kumar McMillan for the patch.
+    [ticket:1071]
+  - Repaired missing import in psycopg2._PGNumeric type when 
+    unknown numeric is received.
+  - psycopg2/pg8000 dialects now aware of REAL[], FLOAT[], 
+    DOUBLE_PRECISION[], NUMERIC[] return types without
+    raising an exception.
+  - Postgresql reflects the name of primary key constraints,
+    if one exists.  [ticket:1769]
+- oracle
+  - Now using cx_oracle output converters so that the
+    DBAPI returns natively the kinds of values we prefer:
+    - NUMBER values with positive precision + scale convert
+      to cx_oracle.STRING and then to Decimal.   This 
+      allows perfect precision for the Numeric type when
+      using cx_oracle.  [ticket:1759]
+    - STRING/FIXED_CHAR now convert to unicode natively.
+      SQLAlchemy's String types then don't need to 
+      apply any kind of conversions.
+- firebird
+   - The functionality of result.rowcount can be disabled on a
+     per-engine basis by setting 'enable_rowcount=False' 
+     on create_engine().  Normally, cursor.rowcount is called
+     after any UPDATE or DELETE statement unconditionally,
+     because the cursor is then closed and Firebird requires
+     an open cursor in order to get a rowcount.  This 
+     call is slightly expensive however so it can be disabled.
+     To re-enable on a per-execution basis, the 
+     'enable_rowcount=True' execution option may be used.
+- examples
+  - Updated example to use a more robust
+    method of searching a Query for binary expressions which
+    compare columns against literal values.
+- orm
+  - Major feature: Added new "subquery" loading capability to 
+    relationship().   This is an eager loading option which
+    generates a second SELECT for each collection represented
+    in a query, across all parents at once.  The query 
+    re-issues the original end-user query wrapped in a subquery,
+    applies joins out to the target collection, and loads 
+    all those collections fully in one result, similar to 
+    "joined" eager loading but using all inner joins and not 
+    re-fetching full parent rows repeatedly (as most DBAPIs seem 
+    to do, even if columns are skipped).   Subquery loading is 
+    available at mapper config level using "lazy='subquery'" and 
+    at the query options level using "subqueryload(props..)", 
+    "subqueryload_all(props...)".  [ticket:1675]
+  - To accomodate the fact that there are now two kinds of eager 
+    loading available, the new names for eagerload() and 
+    eagerload_all() are joinedload() and joinedload_all().  The 
+    old names will remain as synonyms for the foreseeable future.
+  - The "lazy" flag on the relationship() function now accepts 
+    a string argument for all kinds of loading: "select", "joined",