sqlalchemy /

"""SQLAlchemy 2to3 tool.

This tool monkeypatches a preprocessor onto
lib2to3.refactor.RefactoringTool, so that conditional
sections can replace non-fixable Python 2 code sections
for the appropriate Python 3 version before 2to3 is run.


from lib2to3 import main, refactor

import re

py3k_pattern = re.compile(r'\s*# Py3K')
comment_pattern = re.compile(r'(\s*)#(?! ?Py2K)(.*)')
py2k_pattern = re.compile(r'\s*# Py2K')
end_py2k_pattern = re.compile(r'\s*# end Py2K')

def preprocess(data):
    lines = data.split('\n')
    def consume_normal():
        while lines:
            line = lines.pop(0)
            if py3k_pattern.match(line):
                for line in consume_py3k():
                    yield line
            elif py2k_pattern.match(line):
                for line in consume_py2k():
                    yield line
                yield line

    def consume_py3k():
        yield "# start Py3K"
        while lines:
            line = lines.pop(0)
            m = comment_pattern.match(line)
            if m:
                yield "%s%s" %, 2)
                # pushback
                lines.insert(0, line)
        yield "# end Py3K"

    def consume_py2k():
        yield "# start Py2K"
        while lines:
            line = lines.pop(0)
            if not end_py2k_pattern.match(line):
                yield "#%s" % line
        yield "# end Py2K"

    return "\n".join(consume_normal())

old_refactor_string = refactor.RefactoringTool.refactor_string

def refactor_string(self, data, name):
    newdata = preprocess(data)
    tree = old_refactor_string(self, newdata, name)
    if tree:
        if newdata != data:
            tree.was_changed = True
    return tree

if __name__ == '__main__':
    refactor.RefactoringTool.refactor_string = refactor_string
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