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README for Sphinx



python build
sudo python install

Reading the docs

After installing:

cd doc
sphinx-build . _build/html

Then, direct your browser to _build/html/index.html.

Or read them online at <>.


To run the tests with the interpreter available as python, use:

make test

If you want to use a different interpreter, e.g. python3, use:

PYTHON=python3 make test


Send wishes, comments, patches, etc. to

Recent activity


Commits by michaeljones were pushed to agiliq/sphinx

f4cdcca - Respect "includehidden" for sub-toctrees as well Previously, the includehidden method argument was only being taken into account for top level toctrees. This meant that hidden ...
Jon Waltman

Commits by Jon Waltman were pushed to agiliq/sphinx

8e57ee6 - Follow the behavior described by :confval:`primary_domain` to display domain object names and use this as the category in Texinfo desc_signatures.
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