The code is primarily laid out in two directories: client and server. Each
require slight customization for your installation. The following 3rd party
software is also required.

There is a partially-completed rewrite in the client/pp/ directory.

  - ElectroServer 5
  - Java JRE
  - Java Ant Build System
  - (optional) Mercurial

To install the current stable version, follow these directions.

  1. Edit the serverConfig.js file in the root to point to the URL where you
     will be running your ElectroServer instance.
  2. Copy the serverConfig.js file in the root to client/javascript/
  3. Copy the client/javascript/ directory to the root of your web server directory.
  4. Edit the deploy.path method in the file to the path to
     your [ElectroServer install location]/server/extensions directory.
  5. Copy the file into the server/java/ directory.
  6. Run 'ant test' in the server/java/ directory with the necessary privileges.
  7. Open the ES5 Admin (see ElectroServer documentation) and navigate to
     'Server Extensions'. Click 'Create Server-level component', then click
  8. Navigate to https://server-url/javascript/StateOfNature.html to view the game.