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aelmahmoudy  committed 4b9a6c9

noor.desktop: use X-Islamic-Software category instead of Application

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File contrib/noor.desktop

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 [Desktop Entry]
 Comment=A python Quran viewer

File noor/quran.py

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     def name(self):
         return self.data['name']
+    @property
+    def english_name(self):
+        return self.data['tname']
 def _get_data_path():
     noordir = os.path.dirname(sys.modules['noor'].__file__)

File noor/uihelpers.py

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 # should noor use arabic aya numbers
 #arabic_numbers = 1
+# should noor use arabic sura names
+#arabic_sura_names = 1
 # the language to use; it can be one of: ar, en, fa, ml, ps, tr
 #lang = en

File noorgtk.pyw

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     def _displayed_page_name(self):
         if self.current_sura is not None:
-            return self.sura.name
+            if uihelpers.get_option(self.config,
+                                    'common.arabic_sura_names', True):
+                return self.sura.name
+            else:
+                return self.sura.english_name
             return _('About')