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moving a non-package folder should raise exception

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         self.pycore = project.pycore
         if not resource.is_folder() and == '':
             resource = resource.parent
+        if resource.is_folder() and not resource.has_child(''):
+            raise exceptions.RefactoringError(
+                'Cannot move non-package folder.')
         dummy_pymodule = self.pycore.get_string_module('')
         self.old_pyname = pynames.ImportedModule(dummy_pymodule,


             'import mod2\ns = """\\\n"""\nr = mod2.f()\n',
+    @testutils.assert_raises(exceptions.RefactoringError)
+    def test_raising_an_exception_when_moving_non_package_folders(self):
+        dir = self.project.root.create_folder('dir')
+        mover = move.create_move(self.project, dir)
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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