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Fixed "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'" when restructuring
lines of the form:
'string' .....: new_statement

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         for children in reversed(self.children_stack):
             for child in children:
                 if isinstance(child, ast.stmt):
-                    return self.lines.get_line_start(child.lineno)
+                    return child.col_offset \
+                           + self.lines.get_line_start(child.lineno)
         return len(self.source.source)
     _operators = {'And': 'and', 'Or': 'or', 'Add': '+', 'Sub': '-', 'Mult': '*',


         self.assertEquals('def f(p):\n    return dup(p)\nx = dup("")\n'
                           'i = 1 * 2\n',
+    def test_statement_after_string_and_column(self):
+        mod_text = 'def f(x):\n  if a == "a": raise Exception("test")\n'
+        self.mod.write(mod_text)
+        refactoring = restructure.Restructure(self.project, '${a}', '${a}')
+        self.assertEquals(mod_text,
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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