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contrib/fixsyntax: more terse syntax error reporting

patch by Ali Gholami Rudi

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     def get_pymodule(self):
         """Get a `PyModule`"""
-        errors = []
+        msg = None
         code = self.code
         tries = 0
         while True:
                 return self.pycore.get_string_module(
                     code, resource=self.resource, force_errors=True)
             except exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError, e:
+                if msg is None:
+                    msg = '%s:%s %s' % (e.filename, e.lineno, e.message_)
                 if tries < self.maxfixes:
                     tries += 1
                     code = '\n'.join(self.commenter.lines)
-                    errors.append('  * line %s: %s ... fixed' % (e.lineno,
-                                                                 e.message_))
-                    errors.append('  * line %s: %s ... raised!' % (e.lineno,
-                                                                   e.message_))
-                    new_message = ('\nSyntax errors in file %s:\n' % e.filename) \
-                                   + '\n'.join(errors)
-                    raise exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError(e.filename, e.lineno,
-                                                       new_message)
+                    raise exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError(e.filename, e.lineno, msg)
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