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Using pickle protocol 2 for history

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 Unresolved Issues
-* changing the default value of max_history_items
 * not applying all commenting mechanisms always in codeassist
 * fixing tries before current line in code_assist
 * searching all files when extracting a global method?
 * switching to GPLv3?
 * removing unused refactorings?
 * unignored files that are not under version control
-* removing unused objectdbs?
 * multiple ropes on one project; problems for objectdb and history
 * should `rope.base` be thread safe?
 * inline fails when there is an arg mismatch
+- Deprecated objectdb_type project config : December 23, 2007
 - Added compress_history and compress_objectdb configs : December 22, 2007


             output_file = self.opener(self.history_file.real_path, 'w')
             to_data = change.ChangeToData()
             pickle.dump([to_data(change_) for change_ in self.undo_list],
-                        output_file)
+                        output_file, 2)
             pickle.dump([to_data(change_) for change_ in self.redo_list],
-                        output_file)
+                        output_file, 2)
     def get_file_undo_list(self, resource):
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