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don't crash on AttributeError during attribute analysis

fixes issue #15
thanks Fazlul Shahriar for reporting

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     for name in dir(obj):
         if name == 'None':
-        child = getattr(obj, name)
+        try:
+            child = getattr(obj, name)
+        except AttributeError:
+            # descriptors are allowed to raise AttributeError
+            # even if they are in dir()
+            continue
         pyobject = None
         if inspect.isclass(child):
             pyobject = BuiltinClass(child, {}, parent=parent)


+    def test_abstractmethods_attribute(self):
+        # see for details
+        src = 'class SubType(type): pass\nsubtype = SubType()\n'
+        self.mod.write(src)
+        self.project.pycore.analyze_module(self.mod)
 class BuiltinModulesTest(unittest.TestCase):
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