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Current line should be in error_limit, too

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+- Specifying the number of fixes in code_assist : December 10, 2007
 - Deprecated `Pycore.create_(module|package)` : November 29, 2007


                                  self.resource, self.maxfixes)
         module_scope = pymodule.get_scope()
         code = pymodule.source_code
-        lines = code.split('\n')
+        lines = code.splitlines()
         result = {}
         start = _logical_start(lines, lineno)
         indents = _get_line_indents(lines[start - 1])
 def _get_pymodule(pycore, code, resource, maxfixes=1, error_limit=None):
     """Get a `PyModule`
-    Errors before `error_limit` offset arereported and are not never
+    Errors before `error_limit` offset are reported and are not never
                     commenter = _Commenter(code.splitlines())
                 if error_limit is not None:
                     offset = 0
-                    for line in commenter.lines[:e.lineno]:
+                    for line in commenter.lines[:e.lineno - 1]:
                         offset += len(line) + 1
                     if offset <= error_limit:
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