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resources: reverted recursive parameter of Folder.create()

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     def _init_ropefolder(self):
         if self.ropefolder is not None:
             if not self.ropefolder.exists():
-                self.ropefolder.create(recursive=True)
+                self._create_recursively(self.ropefolder)
             if not self.ropefolder.has_child(''):
                 config = self.ropefolder.create_file('')
+    def _create_recursively(self, folder):
+        if folder.parent != self.root and not folder.parent.exists():
+            self._create_recursively(folder.parent)
+        folder.create()
     def _init_prefs(self, prefs):
         run_globals = {}
         if self.ropefolder is not None:


             return False
         return self.path == '' or resource.path.startswith(self.path + '/')
-    def create(self, recursive=False):
-        if recursive and not self.parent.exists():
-            self.parent.create(recursive)
+    def create(self):


         self.assertEquals('sample notes', open(os.path.join(self.project.address,
-    def test_creating_folders_recursively(self):
-        folder_name = 'parent/nested'
-        self.project.get_folder(folder_name).create(recursive=True)
-        folder_path = os.path.join(self.project.address, folder_name)
-        self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(folder_path))
     def test_failing_when_creating_file_inside_non_existent_folder(self):
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