Takafumi Arakaki avatar Takafumi Arakaki committed f8084a2 Draft

Add '.tox' to default ignored_resources

Under .tox directory there are many Python files which are not
meant to be edited by hand. Also, having 3.x environments causes
errors when doing refactoring etc.

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     # 'build/*.o': matches 'build/lib.o' but not 'build/sub/lib.o'
     # 'build//*.o': matches 'build/lib.o' and 'build/sub/lib.o'
     prefs['ignored_resources'] = ['*.pyc', '*~', '.ropeproject',
-                                  '.hg', '.svn', '_svn', '.git']
+                                  '.hg', '.svn', '_svn', '.git', '.tox']
     # Specifies which files should be considered python files.  It is
     # useful when you have scripts inside your project.  Only files
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