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project: only ignoring ropefolder, by default

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         self.ignored = _IgnoredResources()
         self.file_list = _FileListCacher(self)
         self.prefs.add_callback('ignored_resources', self.ignored.set_ignored)
-        self.prefs['ignored_resources'] = ['*.pyc', '.svn', '*~', '.ropeproject']
+        if ropefolder is not None:
+            self.prefs['ignored_resources'] = [ropefolder]
     def get_files(self):


     def setUp(self):
-        self.project_root = 'sample_project'
-        testutils.remove_recursively(self.project_root)
+        self.project = testutils.sample_project(foldername='sampleproject',
+                                                ropefolder=None)
+        self.project_root = self.project.address
-        self.project = Project(self.project_root, ropefolder=None)
         self.no_project = NoProject()
     def _make_sample_project(self):
         self.sample_file = 'sample_file.txt'
         self.sample_path = os.path.join(self.project_root, 'sample_file.txt')
-        os.mkdir(self.project_root)
+        if not os.path.exists(self.project_root):
+            os.mkdir(self.project_root)
         self.sample_folder = 'sample_folder'
         os.mkdir(os.path.join(self.project_root, self.sample_folder))
         sample = open(self.sample_path, 'w')


             root = '/dev/shm/' + root
     # Using these prefs for faster tests
     prefs = {'save_objectdb': False, 'save_history': False,
-             'validate_objectdb': False, 'automatic_soi': False}
+             'validate_objectdb': False, 'automatic_soi': False,
+             'ignored_resources': ['.ropeproject', '*.pyc']}
     project = rope.base.project.Project(root, **prefs)
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