rope / rope / base /

import rope.base.oi.soi
from rope.base import pynames
from rope.base.pynames import *

class AssignedName(pynames.AssignedName):

    def __init__(self, lineno=None, module=None, pyobject=None):
        self.lineno = lineno
        self.module = module
        self.assignments = []
        self.pyobject = _Inferred(self._get_inferred,

    def _get_inferred(self):
        if self.module is not None:
            return rope.base.oi.soi.infer_assigned_object(self)

    def get_object(self):
        return self.pyobject.get()

    def get_definition_location(self):
        """Returns a (module, lineno) tuple"""
        if self.lineno is None and self.assignments:
            self.lineno = self.assignments[0].get_lineno()
        return (self.module, self.lineno)

    def invalidate(self):
        """Forget the `PyObject` this `PyName` holds"""

class ParameterName(pynames.ParameterName):

    def __init__(self, pyfunction, index):
        self.pyfunction = pyfunction
        self.index = index

    def get_object(self):
        result = self.pyfunction.get_parameter(self.index)
        if result is None:
            result = rope.base.pyobjects.get_unknown()
        return result

    def get_objects(self):
        """Returns the list of objects passed as this parameter"""
        return rope.base.oi.soi.get_passed_objects(
            self.pyfunction, self.index)

    def get_definition_location(self):
        return (self.pyfunction.get_module(), self.pyfunction.get_ast().lineno)

_Inferred = pynames._Inferred
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