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The trunk branch has multiple heads


Features implemented so far:

* Refactorings

  * Rename everything!
  * Extract method/local variable
  * Move class/function/module/package/method
  * Inline method/local variable
  * Restructuring (like converting ``${?a}.f(${?b})`` to
    ``${?b}.g(${?a})`` where ``a.type == mymod.A``)
  * Change method signature
  * Introduce factory method
  * Introduce parameter
  * Encapsulate field
  * Transform module to package
  * Convert local variable to field
  * Replace method with method object
  * Inline argument default value

* Refactoring Features

  * Extracting similar statements in extract refactorings
  * Basic implicit interfaces handling in rename and change signature
  * Cross-project refactorings
  * Fixing imports when needed
  * Previewing refactorings
  * Stopping refactorings
  * Undo/redo refactorings
  * Mercurial_ support in refactorings
  * SVN support in refactorings using pysvn_ library

* IDE helpers

  * Auto-completion
  * Definition location
  * Get PyDoc
  * Find occurrences
  * Import tools

    * Organize imports (remove unused and duplicate imports and sort them)
    * Change relative imports to absolute
    * Change from imports to normal imports
    * Expand ``from ... import *`` imports

  * Generating python elements

* Object Inference

  * A static object inference approach
  * A dynamic object inference approach
  * Automatic SOI analysis
  * Handling built-in container types
  * Saving object information on disk
  * Stored object information validation

For more information see `overview.txt`_.

.. _overview.txt: overview.html
.. _pysvn:
.. _Mercurial:
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