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   (pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")
+If you want to only ropemacs only when you really need it, you can use
+a function like this instead of that::
+  (defun load-ropemacs ()
+    "Load pymacs and ropemacs"
+    (interactive)
+    (require 'pymacs)
+    (pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")
+    (rope-init)
+    (setq rope-confirm-saving 'nil)
+  )
+And execute ``load-ropemacs`` whenever you want to use ropemacs.  Also
+if you don't want to install rope library and ropemacs you can put it
+somewhere and add them to the ``PYTHONPATH`` before loading ropemacs
+in your ``.emacs``::
+  (setenv "PYTHONPATH" (concat (getenv "PYTHONPATH")
+                               ":/path/to/extracted/rope/package"
+                               ":/path/to/extracted/ropemacs/package"))
+Getting Started
+Rope refactorings use a special kind of dialog.  When you start a
+refactoring, you'll be asked to confirm saving modified python
+buffers; you can change it by using ``rope-confirm-saving`` variable.
+Adding ``(setq rope-confirm-saving 'nil)`` to your ``.emacs`` file,
+will make emacs save them without asking.
+After that depending on the refactoring, you'll be asked about the
+essential information a refactoring needs to know (like the new name
+in rename refactoring).
+Next you'll see the base prompt of a refactoring dialog that shows
+something like "Choose what to do".  You can choose to set other
+optional refactoring options; after setting each option you'll be
+returned back to the base prompt.  Finally, you can ask rope to
+perform, preview or cancel the refactoring.
+See keybinding_ section and try the refactorings yourself.
-Uses almost the same keybinding as rope.
+Uses almost the same keybinding as ropeide.
-=============   ============================
+==============  ============================
 Key             Action
-=============   ============================
+==============  ============================
 C-x p o         rope-open-project
 C-x p k         rope-close-project
 C-x p u         rope-undo-refactoring
 C-c n c         rope-generate-class
 C-c n m         rope-generate-module
 C-c n p         rope-generate-package
-=============   ============================
+==============  ============================
+* ``rope-confirm-saving``: If non-nil, you have to confirm saving all
+  modified python files before refactorings; otherwise they are saved
+  automatically. Defaults to ``t``.


 .. _rope:
+* Supports many of the refactorings that are supported by rope_
+  library:
+  * Rename
+  * Extract method/local variable
+  * Move class/function/module/package/method
+  * Inline method/local variable
+  * Restructuring
+  * ...
+* Other refactoring-related features
+  * Previewing refactorings
+  * Undo/redo refactorings
+  * Showing refactoring progress
+* Code-assists
+  * Code-completion
+  * Goto definition
+  * Show PyDoc
+  * Organize imports (remove unused and duplicate imports and sort them)
+  * Generating python elements
 Source Repository


     names = list(confs.keys())
-    base_question = Data('Choose what to do? ',
+    base_question = Data('Choose what to do: ',
                          default=actions[0], values=names)
     while True:
         response = askdata(base_question)
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