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basic support for non-ascii files

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 > Public Release 0.5
 * including pymacs in ropemacs?
-* change pymacs to accept unicode strings
+* change pymacs to handle unicode buffers
+* pymacs should not raise string exceptions
 * saving the old values of refacturing config
 * showing proposal type in code-assist
 * adding a menu


             globals()[attrname] = attr
 def init():
         'Calling (rope-init) is no longer needed.')


         if narrowed:
             lisp.narrow_to_region(1, lisp.buffer_size() + 1)
-            return lisp.buffer_string()
+            #result = lisp.buffer_string()
+            result = lisp('(encode-coding-string (buffer-string) buffer-file-coding-system)')
+            coding = lisp['buffer-file-coding-system'].value()
+            if coding is not None:
+                coding_name = coding.text
+                if coding_name.split('-')[-1] in ('dos', 'unix', 'mac'):
+                    coding_name = coding_name[:coding_name.rindex('-')]
+                if coding_name.split('-')[0] in ('mule', 'iso'):
+                    coding_name = coding_name[coding_name.index('-') + 1:]
+                try:
+                    result = unicode(result, coding_name)
+                except (LookupError, UnicodeDecodeError):
+                    result = unicode(result, 'utf-8')
+            return result
             if narrowed:
                 lisp.narrow_to_region(old_min, old_max)
 (defgroup ropemacs nil
   "ropemacs, an emacs plugin for rope."
   :link '(url-link "")
-  :prefix 'rope-)
+  :prefix "rope-")
 (defcustom ropemacs-confirm-saving t
   "Shows whether to confirm saving modified buffers before refactorings.
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