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 New Features
-* handling narrowed regions
-* added ropemacs-local-prefix and ropemacs-global-prefix
-* deprecated rope-code-assist-max-fixes; use ropemacs-codeassist-maxfixes
-* deprecated rope-confirm-saving; use ropemacs-confirm-saving
-* fixed some of pymacs bugs
 Setting Up
+> Public Release 0.5c1 : January 3, 2008
 - deprecated rope-code-assist-max-fixes : December 28, 2007
 - deprecated rope-confirm-saving : December 28, 2007
 - added ropemacs-local-prefix and ropemacs-global-prefix : December 28, 2007
 * adding a menu
 * something like grep mode for find occurrences
-> Public Release 0.5c1
+> Public Release 0.5c2
     return '\n' + '\n'.join(lines[:end]) + '\n'
-      version='0.5c1',
+      version='0.5c2',
       description='An emacs mode for using rope refactoring library',
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