ropemacs / docs / ropemacs.txt

 ropemacs, rope in emacs

Ropemacs is a plugin for performing python refactorings in emacs.  It
uses rope_ library and pymacs_.

You should install `rope`_ library before using ropemacs.  You can
download ropemacs from `project download page`_.

.. _rope:


* Supports many of the refactorings that are supported by rope_

  * Rename
  * Extract method/local variable
  * Move class/function/module/package/method
  * Inline method/local variable
  * Restructuring
  * ...

* Other refactoring-related features

  * Previewing refactorings
  * Undo/redo refactorings
  * Showing refactoring progress

* Code-assists

  * Code-completion
  * Goto definition
  * Show pydoc
  * Find occurrences
  * Organize imports (remove unused and duplicate imports and sort them)
  * Generating python elements

Source Repository


* repo url:
* snapshot:

Revised pymacs:

* repo url:
* snapshot:


Send your bug reports, feature requests and patches to `rope-dev (at)`_.


Ropemacs is under the terms of GNU GPL (GNU General Public License).

.. _project download page:
.. _`rope-dev (at)`:
.. _pymacs:
.. _Mercurial:
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