pizmidi VST plugins

This is a fork of piz midi, a comprehensive suite of VST MIDI plugins available from These will be useful for anyone working with MIDI in their musical projects, but note that they require a VST host capable of loading pure MIDI plugins. (They should work fine with most popular open-source and commercial Linux DAWs nowadays.)

As far as I can tell, the original sources are by Reuben Vinal from "Insert Piz Here->", see, and for the original source code. I merely uploaded the repository to Bitbucket and did some minor touches to fix the build system and make the plugins compile on Linux.

Documentation by the original author(s) is included in the Release folder. In particular, check the pizmidi.txt file for the change log and the piz midi VST plugins.pdf document (or the text files under Release/doc) for the plugin descriptions.


There's no licensing information on the pizmidi website and in the sources AFAICT, but according to the archive of the original Google Code project the source code is licensed under the GPLv2.


Make sure that you have Steinberg's VST SDK installed in a location searched by the Makefile (just unzipping Steinberg's package under any of the directories listed in the sdkpaths make variable should do) and run make. The compiled VSTs end up in the Release folder, from where you can just copy or move them to your VST folder, along with the pizmidi.ini file.

A ready-made PKGBUILD for Arch Linux by yours truly is available from the Arch User Repositories (AUR). Debian packages of pizmidi are provided by falkTX, you can find these in the KXStudio repositories. Mac and Windows binaries by the original author(s) can be found at

Enjoy. :)

Albert Graef, Feb 2016