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Better main help with command description

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         decrypter.epilog = epilog.format(self.command,
-            '\n'.join('  {0}'.format(order) for order in self.orders)
+            '\n'.join('  {0}\t{1}'.format(name, order.description)
+            for name, order in self.orders.items())
         return decrypter


     options = BaseOrder.options
-    help = __doc__
+    description = __doc__
     args = "project_path library_name order_name"
     def __init__(self, commander, module):


 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
-"""This script allows you to adding data to the listen file that contains
-all the data for generating playlist
+"""Create Program Order
 import sys
 from adama.orders import get_template
 class Order(BaseOrder):
-    """Creates a program script that can launch orders from a python module
+    """Creates a command line program for your application that will look for orders
   module      Python module that contains or will contain the orders module
     args = "module"
+    description = __doc__.split('\n')[0].lower()
     examples = ""
     def __init__(self, commander, module):