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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


Defines the base logic of the library to launch orders from command line or
directly in Python scripts

import sys
import os

from .commandment import Commander, QG
from .exceptions import UnknownOrderError

VERSION = ('0', '3', '2', 'beta')

def get_version(command=''):
    """Human readable version
    version = '.'.join(element for element in VERSION[:3])
    return '{0} {1}'.format(command, version) if command else version

def sir_yes_sir(module='', doc='', options=(), version='', argv=None):
    """Launches the right order or displaying the help for a command or an
    order directly from command line.
    argv = argv if argv is not None else sys.argv[:]
    command = os.path.basename(argv[0])
    module = module if module else command
    commander = Commander(module, doc=doc, command=command)

    # global options and app version made available for the orders
    QG.options = options
    QG.version = version

    no_arg = len(argv) == 1
    needs_help = not no_arg and argv[1] == 'help'
    global_help = needs_help and len(argv) == 2
    order_help = needs_help and len(argv) > 2

    if no_arg or global_help:
        return commander.explanations()
        order_name = argv[1] if not order_help else argv[2]
            order = commander[order_name]
        except UnknownOrderError as uoe:
            return uoe()
            if order_help:
                return order.explanations()
                return order(argv[2:])

def call_order(module_name, order_name, *args, **kwargs):
    """Calls an order from another python script directly
    commander = Commander(module_name)
    order = commander[order_name]
    return order.execute(*args, **kwargs)