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Miising library dependency in installation instructions

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     - Unpack it
     - Run python install
-c. Ajax libraries for Django
+c. Relative date library
+    - easy_install python-dateutil
+d. Ajax libraries for Django
     - easy_install django-dajaxice
     - easy_install django-dajax
-d. Extend commands, models and forms for Django
+e. Extend commands, models and forms for Django
     - easy_install django-extensions
-e. TinyMCE
+f. TinyMCE
     - easy_install django-tinymce
     - Get the TinyMCE latest release: 
     - Install it in the thot project: 
         cp -r tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce /path/to/thot/root/media/js/tinymce
-f. Options
+g. Options
     - Adding a CAS authentication
         * easy_install django_cas
     - Populating database with users "on the fly" with an LDAP Server and CAS