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This is a simple command-line utility for uploading photos to
It works like this:

    $ tabblo foo.jpg
    Username: agriffis
    Logging in... 1197837tc68636103684fc42b299cd548f0cb6be
    Getting upload URL...
    Uploading foo.jpg... done

To avoid needing to enter your username and password, you can set them in
$HOME/.tabblorc as follows:


If you're uploading from a library of high-resolution photos, you can use
--resize to restrict the upload to a certain size. The script calls the
"convert" utility, so you can use anything you see here:

Personally I'd suggest this in your .tabblorc:


Thanks to Wojciech Dzierzanowski for writing the F-Spot Tabblo Exporter
plugin, which helped me to figure out how to write this...