ahg-short-log does not work

Issue #10 resolved
Peter Vasil
created an issue

When I try to execute ahg-short-log I get the error:

error in process sentinel: Symbol's function definition is void: format-line

I am using the latest ahg from MELPA with emacs 24.3

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  1. Peter Vasil reporter


    I could fix the issue by changing labels to flet in line 1095

    @@ -1092,7 +1092,7 @@
     (defun ahg-short-log-insert-contents (ewoc contents)
       (let ((lines (split-string contents "\n")))
    -    (labels ((format-line (line)
    +    (flet ((format-line (line)
                    (if (and line (> (length line) 0))
                         (let* ((p1 (string-match " " line))
                                (p2 (string-match " " line (1+ p1)))
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