Unable to commit only the marked files

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Thanks for a great package!

When I'm trying to commit a subset of my modified files 'ahg-status-commit performs commit on everything in the repo. Is this the intended behaviour?

The files I want to commit are selected by pressing m (ahg-status-mark), then I press c (ahg-status-commit). My version of ahg is 108:775526ff090c and I'm running GNU Emacs 22.3.1.

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  1. agriggio repo owner

    Hello, no, this is not the intended behaviour. You should be able to commit only the marked files... Unfortunately I don't have an Emacs 22.3 (I'm using 23.something) here to check, but would it be possible for you to try this patch? If it works, I'll commit the fix.

    Thanks! Alberto

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