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Chema Garrido created an issue


Latest libraw supports Lossy compressed CR3 files and HEIF https://www.libraw.org/news/libraw-202101-snapshot

Would be great to get this. thanks

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  1. Chema Garrido reporter

    Thanks I am more into the CR3 compressed hhehe since will save a lot of space and from my testing I do not see any clear difference.

  2. Chema Garrido reporter

    no hurries! thanks for your great work 😉

    It’s complex to include the latest libraw? Not sure if I can be of any help thanks.

  3. agriggio repo owner

    It’s a bit complicated, yes, as the changes must be “cherry-picked” and incorporated by hand. My long-term plan is to switch to use libraw completely for raw decoding. This would require much less maintenance, but at the moment I don’t know when I will have time for this…

  4. agriggio repo owner

    In the meantime, can you share a lossy compressed CR3 that I can use for testing? Thanks!

  5. agriggio repo owner

    thanks again for the samples! Turns out the porting was easier than I thought, so I just did it… seems to work fine from my (limited) tests, but please try this out on more images (lossless, lossy and uncompressed as well if possible) to make sure I didn’t break anything 🙂

  6. Chema Garrido reporter

    I did that before, can I use the build-tool?

    If I can I will test tomorrow or sunday. thanks a lot

  7. Chema Garrido reporter

    Hello! tested and works good! you can close this, now i need to re/setup to get all my profles etc back hehe

  8. Michael Ezra

    Thank you Alberto. I tried this on Windows but am getting the error:

    My setup:

    Python, exiftool.exe and libheif-1.11.0-win64 are in the PATH

    What do you think is the issue?

  9. Michael Ezra

    Just noticed that the python file should be called “heif-io.py”, not “heic-io.py”
    Could you please add that to the instructions!🙂

    Thank you for such swift addition of this code!

    I was able to convert the raw file to .heic file and also open it in ART!
    Couple of questions:

    1. Is there a way to run this multithreaded?
    2. Does this default to sRGB or can this be color managed?

  10. agriggio repo owner


    Is there a way to run this multithreaded?

    I think heif-enc itself is multithreaded, though the details depend on the compilation options and on the used encoders/decoders. You need to check the libheif docs for more info.

    Does this default to sRGB or can this be color managed?

    I’m not sure actually – again, this is a question for the libheif people. From the point of view of ART there’s no reason why color management should not work, but whether and how this is actually supported depends on libheif

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