I do not recognize the profile of the raw file

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Andrea Giustozzi created an issue

when I load any raw file, it loads it without information (it is in the raw state) the color profile and the curve does not seem to recognize the information, it is non-existent. Compared to the original I have a completely different file.
How can I solve? it is by chance the auto-matching option which is not enabled and I don't know why
The same file in other software (including RT) recognizes it without problems

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  1. agriggio repo owner


    I'm not sure I understand the problem. Are you trying to apply a processing profile by default? Did you try to delete your options file (in $HOME/.config/ART on Linux) and see if you get back the desired starting point?


  2. Andrea Giustozzi reporter

    No, I have not solved. The problem is that ART when I open the raw file does not display it well. It doesn't show itself as a jpg.
    it is as if ART cannot read the information contained within the raw file

  3. agriggio repo owner


    This sounds like a problem with expectations and lack of documentation (sadly). Maybe you can try posting on the forum on pixls?

  4. Paul Matthijsse

    Hello Andrea, open your raw file and apply the auto tone curve (tab Esposizione > Curva di tono > Curva di tone automatica). Don’t forget to activate the Tone curve module by clicking on the ‘switch’ in front of it). Better so?

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