Detail window's Z-order is not correct and could lead to loss of access

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Len Philpot created an issue

ART 1.18.1 on Windows 11

As the detail window is dragged around, its Z-order puts it visually above some UI elements but under others. In particular, on the left-hand panel it appears to be on top, but cannot be dragged with the mouse unless the pointer is held over a section of the detail window’s title bar that does not overlap the left-hand panel. So visually it’s on top – sort of – but logically it’s under (see the attached image). However on the right-hand panel it appears under it, which could also lead to “lost access” to the detail window since there’s no other UI way to close it than with the X in its corner (and if that’s obscured…).

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  1. Len Philpot reporter

    Neither can I now, on 1.19.3. Good enough, maybe there was just something temporary going on. Thanks.

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