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I’ve been watching this “issue” for some time now, not sure of it’s really an issue:
When using ART for a longer time, browsing files, editing them, exporting using the queue, switching back and forth it seems that memory is allocated but not freed up anymore.

On my smaller machine with 8 GB RAM its going to the point the machine is starting to swap which is as well ever increasing. Memory is free again after closing ART.

My desktop machine has 32 GB of RAM and yesterday ART used 22 GB of it. I was not using HaldCLUT yesterday, just rather simple image editing steps.

ART version: 1.2-64 on Manjaro built with GCC 9.3 and PROC_TARGET_NUMBER=2, but this behaviour was already there before - i just didn’t care at that time.
Im using DNG-RAWs from a Pentax KP.

Has anyone else experienced such a behavior?

To be clear: I’m absolutely fine with ART using all the RAM, but starting to swap things getting really slow. I would expect ART to reach some kind of memory baseline when the cache limits are reached.

Screenshot of performance section in the config:

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  1. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    Thanks for the hint, i wasn’t aware that RT suffers from the same issue. The builds currently use your default CMakeLists.txt, so tcmalloc should be disabled.

    I will give it a try and come back with some more information.

  2. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    The AUR builds now use tcmalloc as well, i think for the moment there no further action required.

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