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 Requires Jython 2.5.1 or later.
 The source code and the issue tracker can be found at
-`BitBucket <>`_.
+`Bitbucket <>`_.


 To install the application, just point a web browser to the JNLP file and Java
 should do the rest. You only need to repeat the last step when you update your
 application. You can automate building and signing using
-`ant <>`_ or similar tools. The Jython-SwingUtils
+`ant <>`_ or similar tools. The Jython-Swingutils
 build.xml file should provide a good starting point for this. It just needs a file to supply the necessary variables.
 the code in the background thread needs to access the GUI. Java 6 incorporated
 the :class:`~javax.swing.SwingWorker` class to help with this, but even this
 solution is quite clumsy when compared to what the flexible Python
-language can accomplish. Jython-SwingUtils has a mechanism, inspired by the
+language can accomplish. Jython-Swingutils has a mechanism, inspired by the
 `Twisted <>`_ framework, that makes switching between
 threads almost seamless.
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