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Full commit

v1.0 final

  • ADDED: Decorator wrapper for swingutils.threads.swing.runSwingLater
  • ADDED: DocumentListener shortcuts in
  • FIXED: EmptyNumberFormatter raised an AttributeException
  • FIXED: Window owner was not getting set in swingutils.thirdparty.jformdesigner.WindowWrapper
  • CHANGED: @inlineCallbacks now always returns an AsyncToken for consistency
  • CHANGED: @inlineCallbacks now uses @swingRun instead of @swingCall to avoid certain undesirable side effects (the calling thread would get stuck waiting for the generator to exit)
  • CHANGED: MirrorObject only fires events for properties for which there are registered listeners (if no global event listeners are registered)
  • CHANGED: Removed MultiListenerWrapper which was redundant to begin with


  • ADDED: The installNumberFormat() function now accepts the nullable option and returns None when an empty value is parsed (instead of refusing to validate)
  • ADDED: New methods in AbstractDelegateList: count(), index(), remove()
  • ADDED: ListDataListener shortcuts in
  • FIXED: Functions decorated with @inlineCallbacks will now work even when they're not generators
  • FIXED: List/table models generated change events with incorrect row ranges
  • FIXED: Accidental type conversion when firing property change events (affected at least boolean values)
  • FIXED: Use getBean() instead of getComponent() in JFormDesigner wrappers so that non-visual beans can be used too
  • CHANGED: Bindings now use byte strings instead of unicode strings for logging (since __repr__() is supposed to give a bytestring)
  • CHANGED: Table models now fire a tableDataChange event when the delegate is replaced
  • CHANGED: TableSelectionMirror sets its delegate to None if multiple rows are selected


First public release.