jython-swingutils / README.rst

Jython Swing Utilities

A collection of utility classes and helper functions to make it easier to build Swing user interfaces with Jython. The helpers provide "pythonic" alternatives to often clumsy Java APIs.

Included in this package:

  • enhanced table, list and combobox models
  • JavaBeans support and automatic property change notification
  • an alternative API for adding/removing event listeners
  • a powerful data binding system that supports Swing components
  • preferences access
  • text field formatters
  • shortcuts for loading resources (images or generic data) via class loaders
  • shortcuts for basic dialogs
  • enhanced file selection dialogs
  • wrappers for loading JFormDesigner forms
  • decorators and functions for safely accessing the GUI from any thread
  • support for running background tasks in separate threads

Requires Jython 2.5.1 or later.

Documentation can be found at the Jython-Swingutils documentation repository

The source code and the issue tracker can be found at Bitbucket.

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