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* Python 2.5 or 2.6
* PyOpenGL (
* pySerial (
* libcwiimote + and python wrapper "pycwiid"
  (sudo apt-get install libcwiimote-dev python-cwiid)

1) Start off by running You'll see a black box pop up.
2) Hold the 1 and 2 buttons together on your Wii remote to activate
   discoverable mode.
3) Wait a few seconds and a 3D cube should appear onscreen.
4) Success! You're ready for action!


B button (remote)   hold to track motio
Wii remote          controls pitch and roll
Nunchuck joystick   move to left/right to control amount of yaw
Escape (keyboard)   exit

Recent activity

Alex Hixon

Commits by Alex Hixon were pushed to ahixon/flymote

4f8c664 - Start work on sending direction data to controller. Need to send 2 bytes rather than 1!
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