Alex Hixon  committed 1172a4e

Fix microcode version for 05ca:183b camera.

Closes issue 9.

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File docs/firmware_matrix.txt

 0x05CA  0x1837  r5u87x-05ca-1837.fw     0x0115              UVC     Copy of 0x1836 firmware. Camera is installed upside down.
 0x05CA  0x1839  r5u87x-05ca-1839.fw     0x0113              UVC
 0x05CA  0x183a  r5u87x-05ca-183a.fw     0x0111              UVC
-0x05CA  0x183b  r5u87x-05ca-183b.fw     0x0311              UVC
+0x05CA  0x183b  r5u87x-05ca-183b.fw     0x0131              UVC
 0x05CA  0x183e  r5u87x-05ca-183e.fw     0x0100              UVC     Very different looking ucode structure. R5U875? Broken?
 0x05CA  0x1841  r5u87x-05ca-1841.fw     0x0103              UVC     Apparently broken.
 0x05CA  0x1870  r5u87x-05ca-1870_1.fw   0x0100              WDM     Used for HP Webcam 1000
     { 0x05CA, 0x1837, 0x0151 }, // Uses copy of 0x1836 ucode.
     { 0x05CA, 0x1839, 0x0113 },
     { 0x05CA, 0x183a, 0x0111 },
-    { 0x05CA, 0x183b, 0x0311 },
+    { 0x05CA, 0x183b, 0x0131 },
     { 0x05CA, 0x183e, 0x0100 },
     { 0x05CA, 0x1841, 0x0103 },