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Alex Hixon  committed 881dbd0

Note that 05ca:1812 does not require ucode.

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File docs/firmware_matrix.txt

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 0x05CA  0x1803  r5u87x-05ca-1803.fw     ??????              UVC     Unknown microcode version. Untested.
 0x05CA  0x1810  r5u87x-05ca-1810.fw     0x0115              UVC
-0x05CA  0x1812  r5u87x-05ca-1812.fw     ??????              UVC     Unused? Start of ucode seems to be missing?
+0x05CA  0x1812  r5u87x-05ca-1812.fw     ??????              UVC     No microcode required. http://bitbucket.org/ahixon/r5u87x/issue/42/
 0x05CA  0x1830  r5u87x-05ca-1830.fw     0x0100              WDM
 0x05CA  0x1832  r5u87x-05ca-1832.fw     0x0100              WDM
 0x05CA  0x1833  r5u87x-05ca-1833.fw     0x0100              WDM

File loader.h

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 static const struct device_info device_table[] = {
     { 0x05CA, 0x1803, 0xFFFF }, // Unknown ucode version.
     { 0x05CA, 0x1810, 0x0115 },
+    /* 05ca:1812 does not require ucode. */
     { 0x05CA, 0x1830, 0x0100 },
     { 0x05CA, 0x1832, 0x0100 },
     { 0x05CA, 0x1833, 0x0100 },