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Alex Hixon  committed b733e92

Make mention to UCODE_PATH a bit more obvious - useful for packagers.

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File Makefile

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 # For rules and make targets -------------------------------------------------|
 # Automake targets -----------------------------------------------------------|
-	$(CC) -g -Wall -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DUCODE_PATH=\"$(PREFIX)$(firmdir)/$(FIRMWARE_NAMESPEC)\" $(CFLAGS) $(INCS) -c $*.c $*.h
+	$(CC) -g -Wall -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DUCODE_PATH=\"$(UCODE_PATH)\" $(CFLAGS) $(INCS) -c $*.c $*.h
 all: loader

File config.h

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 #define VERSION "0.2"
+// By default, defined in Makefile
 //#define UCODE_PATH "/usr/lib/r5u87x/ucode/r5u87x-%vid%-%pid%.fw"
 // Provide support for --reload argument in application

File loader.c

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 #define R5U870_REG_VFLIP_EX	0x30
 #define R5U870_REG_HFLIP_EX	0x31
-static gchar    *firmware       = "ucode/r5u87x-%vid%-%pid%.fw";
+static gchar    *firmware       = "ucode/r5u87x-%vid%-%pid%.fw";	// relative path to firmware files
+                                                                    // if files are not found here, loader will look
+                                                                    // in UCODE_PATH for files - defined in Makefile
+                                                                    // and config.h
 static gboolean force_clear     = FALSE;
 static gboolean no_load         = FALSE;