Issue #36 duplicate

Corrupted image Ricoh 1810

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Hello, I hg cloned, compiled and installed successfully:

" sudo ./loader Searching for device... Found camera : 05ca:1810 Firmware : ucode/r5u87x-05ca-1810.fw

Camera reports negative microcode state. Sending microcode to camera... Enabled microcode. Camera reports microcode version 0x0115.

Successfully uploaded firmware to device 05ca:1810! "

I opened Skype, but video is corrupted as in attachment.

Thank you for your work!

lsusb Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05ca:1810 Ricoh Co., Ltd

uname -a Linux 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Tue Nov 4 19:33:20 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

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  1. Pihhan

    This is known problem. Cameras will not switch to lower resolution as it should, wrong image is because real resolution is 640x480, but skype thinks it is 320x240 and does render it so. I mark it as duplicate, see #17 to solution for skype.

    Duplicate of #17.

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