"Incorrect" image output using changeset 7:06f4639afdaa

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The loader works OK, here's the log :

[madcat@colibri r5u87x]$sudo ./loader --force-clear Searching for device... Found camera : 05ca:183a Firmware : ucode/r5u87x-05ca-183a.fw

Reset microcode. Camera reports negative microcode state. Sending microcode to camera... Enabled microcode. Camera reports microcode version 0x0111.

Successfully uploaded firmware to device 05ca:183a!

MPlayer and TvTime will refuse to play the webcam (but I guess it's normal), skype will work but I get a weird image, as if the camera wasn't focused, you can see a screenshot here : http://maison.mymadcat.com/~madcat/ecran.jpg

Maybe it's a uvcvideo problem ?

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  1. Alex Hixon repo owner

    Yeah, I think this is probably a uvcvideo problem, or possibly related to the way the applications decode some of their video streams.

    I encountered the same issue if you try to use luvcview to test the webcam, however, if I run a GStreamer-based application with v4l2src, I don't have the same problem (the image displays normally). Note that this didn't happen with the old r5u870 kernel module (which did its own decoding and things).

    You're probably best off sending an email to the linux-uvc list.

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