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Issue #13 invalid

alpha version

Anonymous created an issue

Hi. I'm using the alpha userspace version on 2.6.25.

It compiles and loads correctly. But when playing with mplayer or vlc, image is correct but slow. How to set the fps ?

With kopete the picture is corrupted.

Thanks for your good work.

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  1. Alex Hixon repo owner

    Issues with other applications shouldn't really go on this bug tracker, so I'm marking as invalid.

    To answer your query though, I'm pretty sure you can pass -fps to mplayer to force the frames per second. The camera supports 15fps for all image types, but only 30fps on the smaller image sizes. Check the docs/r5u870-specs.txt file for more information.

    Also, FYI, Kopete has had a long history of not supporting all color formats well (the camera output YUV compared to RGB or anything else). You might be interested in taking a look at libv4l, which might solve this issue.

  2. Anonymous

    Ok Thank you. So I just want to say that driver works perfectly, I will search further information for kopete by myself.

    Thank for your good job

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