Firmware for 05ca:1837 missing

Issue #2 resolved
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Firmware for ID 05ca:1837 is missing. Driver is working with renamed 05ca:1836 firmware and microcode version 0x0151. Problem: image upside down...

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  1. Alex Hixon repo owner

    Accidentally missed this when I was moving the firmware files across from the original kernel driver. I've fixed the ucode loading issue in tip. If you could briefly test it that'd be cool. You'll probably want to run loader like:

    $ ./loader --force-clear

    The upside down camera issue is something I still have to resolve with the uvcvideo folk. There's a UVC control called 'v-flip' that doesn't get reported by the camera but exists - once enabled everything should appear the right way around.

    I'll mark this as closed, but feel free to open another bug regarding the upside down image issue.

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