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Hy! I have ricoh webcam 1000 on my HP pavilion dv6000. Now ./loader shows this error. any ideas how to fix it? I always used r5u870 kernel module with 1870 firmware, but since it is not installable on 2.6.26 kernel, want to try your userspace driver. Thank you for trying to make linux better:)

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  1. Anonymous

    sorry for duplicate, but still ain't working. What I deed: in loader.h uncomented line for webcam1000, compiled, and it sayd: Camera returned unexpected ucode version 0x0112 - expected 0x0100 after that, I changed { 0x05CA, 0x1870, 0x0100 }, with { 0x05CA, 0x1870, 0x0112 }. now loader is happy, but i still can't find camera. and xawtv crashes and /dev/video0 is not present, how to fix that?

  2. Anonymous

    on kde4-kopete there seems to be an algorithm, that makes the cam (1812) work like a charm WITHOUT any firmware. maybe a contact to the kopete team could be helpful for the whole r5u870 project

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