Support for camera in Vaio Z21 (05ca:18b0)

Issue #30 open
Anonymous created an issue

I'm wondering if it's hard for you guys to support this camera (either kernel or userspace) and if there is anything I can do to help out!

Thanks, Tiago Macedo

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  1. Pihhan

    There is no firmware for 05ca:18b0 camera which we can try. If you can provide us file with firmware or extract it yourself, it might work then. You have to locate firmware driver. On my system, it is named

    find /windows/Windows/ -iname R5U870FLx86.sys, and send it here or extract firmware using recode-fw.scm utility, but it is somehow user unfriendly, you have to modify some defines inside and hope it will work.

    I have also in my vista directory Windows/drivers/Camera Driver (Ricoh) 6..211F - 6.1004.211.0_logo, where are all drivers for webcam, also for amd64. We need only one file with firmware however.

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