Register r5u870 and r5u87x on usbids

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It might be useful to have also camera models visible in lsusb. For that, we might update ids database. I already made entry for some cameras at

But i am far from beeing maintainer, i would like if real developer had it as his own driver. Someone might also fill every supported model there with it's name, if it is known. Is there address i can transfer driver and other info to?

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  1. Alex Hixon repo owner
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    Good idea! If you'd like to do that, I'd appreciate it very much; otherwise I'll do it when I get some time.

    Take a look at docs/model_matrix.txt for the USB IDs, device names and laptop's the cameras are used in.

  2. Pihhan reporter

    Before i send it to maintainer, have anyone comments for that? I added chipset name to [] brackets to indicate type and real chip name there, i hope it is not a problem. I hope it will guide more people having that in their notebooks to correct driver to get it working. I removed Sony from mode name, as it is removed usually. Manufacturer is Ricoh, as we know. I am unsure if we should append there somewhere Motion Eye name, but there would be too much brackets. It would be good to know official name for fujitsu integrated camera, as it dont have some reasonable name.

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