Should load firmware and modules at boot time

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Anonymous created an issue

Thanks for your software... it's working perfectly on my Bus 005 Device 005: ID 05ca:1836 Ricoh Co., Ltd, from my Sony Vaio FE880E/H, but when I reboot my system I always have to do:

$sudo rmmod uvcvideo
$sudo modprobe uvcvideo

To get my webcam working again... what can I do to solve this?

And I wrote a tutorial to use your software in Portuguese on my blog:

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  1. Alex Hixon repo owner

    Thanks very much for that blog post!

    I haven't got around to doing it yet, but you can make it reload uvcvideo and upload the firmware on boot by creating a udev rule that runs a little script.

    A guide on how to write them is available at

    Your rule will probably look similar to this:

    SUBSYSTEM==”usb_device”, ACTION==”add”, ATTRS{manufacturer}==”JetFlash”, RUN+=”/usr/bin/mycommand ”, NAME=”%c”, MODE=”0777″

    Please share your udev rule if you end up writing one!

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